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spray gun for flux

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 19 16:05:10 EST 2018 | ldavis

I created a spray fluxer for our wave solder years ago that is still working well although does consume a lot of flux and is also rather messy. It's cheap and easy though so what the heck, right? I just machined a manifold that will hold four BETE

Steam Cleaning for flux

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 22 22:25:19 EST 2021 | rowan

Hi, We were having flux residue entrapment under the component. So we are evaluating to add steam cleaning with DI water, using precision micro prior to Di wash. Have anyone tried this and what are pros and cons. Your advice appreciated. Thanks

spray gun for flux

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 18 04:13:27 EST 2018 | bukas

hello everyone, i'm looking for a spray gun that can withstand flux aggression. I made air controlled prototype for ersa wave machine, but air guns wear out quickly and start to leak. I was thinking about Binks model 95AR or something with stainless

flux dispensing vs flux dipping for Flip Chip

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 09 12:13:22 EDT 1998 | raymond

What is the pro & con of using flux dispensing vs flux dipping method for flip chip assembly ?

Amtech 4300 no-clean+washable flux

Electronics Forum | Sun Dec 11 22:39:36 EST 2016 | ppcbs

We have been using the Amtech line for over 12 years now with all of our PCB and BGA Rework. The NWS-4400 is mildly active and will give better results with Lead Free Solder. Note that the LF-4300 is considered a No-Clean. However it will show lea

Beaker Scale Testing for flux cleaning chemistries/surfactant

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 22 10:50:51 EDT 2011 | blnorman

Quick question, how are you measuring the effectiveness of the cleaning process to remove the flux?

ROSE testing for no-clean flux soldering assemblies

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 19 11:36:27 EDT 2019 | bulur

How does no-clean flux residues on a PCB assembly impact the ROSE testing? Does no-clean flux residues on the PCBA dissolve in solution of ROSE tester and increase ionic contaminants level in terms of NaCl per surface area? Is ROSE tester solution (a

Solder flux paste for Luxeon emitters

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 18 16:03:08 EST 2006 | Klevesqu@vtc.edu

Hello, I am wondering where I can purchase and read up on the specs for the proper solder flux pastes for Luxeon emitters. I notice in there aplication briefs they mention 380SR-flux gel and a few others but I no clue if that is a model number or wha

Right flux for alpaca selective soldering

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 24 18:03:43 EDT 2012 | rmazenha

Hi, i am using AIM 264-5 No Clean flux for soldering alpaca pieces on PCB boads, but i am having problems: poor filling and no solder. I am using SAC 305 lead free solder. I have tried to change flux pressure, time, ammount as well solder speed an

Best liquid flux for SN100 wave

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 26 20:14:48 EDT 2021 | goldendragon

Hello gen, Is there any recommendation of a liquid flux for SN100 solder bar on wave? Appreciates!

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