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no-clean flux removal

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 19 14:32:37 EST 2005 | esoderberg

Short of buying a closed look wash system, what other machines/processes are available for localized removal of flux that is not operator intensive. already familiar with Branson ultrasonics and just washing in alcohol but what else is out there?

no-clean flux removal

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 20 08:19:47 EST 2005 | davef

esoderberg: So, why do you want to clean your no-clean flux residues?

no-clean flux removal

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 21 08:00:09 EST 2005 | Lloyd

I recently saw a brief presentation on selective cleaning using Co2. In basic terms a fine jet of Co2 is blasted onto the desired area of the PCB removing the contamination and supposedly causing no damage to PCB or components. I think it's quite a n

flux residue after HAL

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 08 10:29:15 EST 2007 | jaime39

The water soluble flux residue is staying there because the rinsing temperature it may be too low. The flux needs about 130-140 degrees celcius to become soft. If you are using water soluble flux, as per IPC A 610 standards it needs to be remove comp

no-clean flux removal

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 20 07:40:34 EST 2005 | esoderberg

Because our boards are heavily heatsinked with dow 340 which never hardens and I am afraid I will not only wash off the flux but the heatsink compound as well.

no-clean flux removal

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 19 16:52:11 EST 2005 | Mike Konrad

Just curious� Why only localized cleaning? Why not clean the entire board? Localized cleaning by nature is labor intensive. Mike Konrad Aqueous Technologies (909) 944-7771 ext 29 www.aqueoustech.com konrad@aqueoustech.com

no-clean flux removal

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 20 08:37:11 EST 2005 | patrickbruneel

I agree with dave here's an example of a previous thread on the subject. http://www.smtnet.com/Forums/index.cfm?fuseaction=view_thread&CFApp=1&Thread_ID=6947&#Top

no-clean flux removal

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 20 10:12:08 EST 2005 | patrickbruneel

Mike, I totally understand your position. We find ourselves in two opposite camps. If no-residue was impossible my company would not be in business today. Lets focus on the topics so we can help people with their problems. Patrick

no-clean flux removal

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 21 13:57:52 EST 2005 | saragorcos

Hi esoderberg - I was wondering if you had tried altering your soldering profile to try and fully solublize the no clean flux residues and elimate your cleaning dilemma? You can check out my company's website if you want some free reference material

no-clean flux vs. impedance

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 18 15:20:43 EST 2008 | kennyg

A PCBA contains a couple of parts that are not sealed and can't be water washed. We hand solder these with no-clean after everything else is water washed. The designer says the no-clean residue must be completely removed so that it will not affect

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