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lets see a show of hands

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 14 07:28:11 EDT 2003 | Stephen

I just recently heard a new phrase "following the followers" instead of following the leaders. Getting rid of lead in electronics does not make the environment better because the replacements are worse.

SMD Adhesives Gluing Process

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 22 08:55:31 EDT 2009 | stepheniii

Second, ESD-stuff > IS very confusing. Largely because people don't > know what they're talking about. I think a lot of that is because of followers following followers.

preheat slope vs ramp up- what is different?

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 12 05:01:30 EDT 2010 | cobar

Please follow the paste suppliers specs for the paste as an indicator.Most people think that if they follow the paste suppliers recommendations to the T it will be a perfect profile but this is not the case.Play around with preheat settings but follo

BGA soldering

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 24 20:53:53 EDT 2003 | pranav

I am re-designing a MLB Printed Circuit Board which has thro' hole chips and a BGA. I am planning to go for reflow soldering for the BGA on one side and wave soldering for the thro' hole parts on the opposite side. Is there any concern or any sequenc

White powdery residue following Wave

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 02 15:32:52 EST 2001 | jagman

We are seeing a white, powdery residue following the Wave process. Is this a solder masking issue (poor cure from the PCB mfg) or Wave process related? Any input is greatly appreciated.

HP Piglet Format

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 13 17:05:51 EDT 2001 | genny

Quick internet search revealed the following: http://www.cad2cam.com/HP_EGS/ also the following which looks like it copied some of the same info into its page: http://www.artwork.com/eesof/mds2dxf/mds2dxf.htm

CP43 Cam followers

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 09 07:46:04 EDT 2004 | cyber_wolf

Does anyone know of a better way to inject grease into the cam follower bearings on top of the turret on a CP43? Fuji wants you to use a plastic hypodermic syringe.(It works, but it is kinda a pain in the a$$)

LF Board identification

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 31 11:06:43 EST 2005 | Amol

thank you steve, a follow up question....Is anyone following the JEDEC standards for labelling the LF boards as such?? if so, what are your thoughts?


Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 13 13:34:53 EST 2006 | pjc

Look for the following machines: Aqueous Technologies ECD EMC Austin American The above mfrs. make "industrial" grade dishwashers for assembled PCB de-fluxing. Search any of those names followed by "..... batch cleaner", and your search engine will

Reflow profile training ?

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 17 20:29:35 EDT 2008 | lellis

Follow the traveller as per a engineer there shouldnt be a issue. If the engineer isnt correct the operator isnt to blame, unless they are not following the traveler or paying attention to parameters. Is the messenger to blame, who sent the message?

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