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Stenciling chipbonder.....

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 23 09:17:08 EST 2003 | bdoyle

There's a Red Hook brewery about 40 minutes south of here. I've taken that tour a few times. Don't let Dave fool you though, he's changing tastes and is beginning to import beer from Maine.

Omniflo 10 oven

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 15 16:37:15 EDT 2004 | wgaffubar

I agree with the loose parts but you can also put a O-scope where the encoder output goes into the computer to see if the signal has a lot of noise. A noisy signal can sometimes fool the input card into thinking the encoder pulses are ok.

The Most Difficult BGA Rework EVER!!

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 10 15:53:48 EST 2006 | Hussman

Tonto? You�re either calling me a fool in Spanish or in my native tongue (Potowatomie) calling me "Wild One". I trust Kemosabe is talking my language.

Ok gurus got a question?

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 30 11:32:07 EST 2006 | fastek

I have the feeling FishingFool's situation or dilemma is not a PCB Assembly related application......or at least it's not a component placement related application with auto board loading and fiducial recognition. That would be too easy to figure out


Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 31 14:27:56 EST 2008 | wavemasterlarry

Listen, get some training,. My brother Herb got sick as hell from playing around with our X-Ray machine. Danged fool stuck his head in there for sh*ts and giggles and had to take some time off. Had to get a system after that too!

Samsung Quad QSA 30

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 09 12:04:56 EDT 2012 | btipcb

After fooling around with it, I was able to clear that error. I didn't know that I had to assign nozzels to each part, I though the feeder assignment would do that. I appreciate the reply.

Philips pick n place angle

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 04 14:42:20 EST 2013 | mcox

Philips Gem Topaz - Does anyone have a decoder ring for calculating the correct place angle for components. I am looking for a fool proof way to program the correct angles depending on how the parts are supplied to the machine. Thanks Mike

Part data directory

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 19 15:34:54 EDT 2013 | jimmyboz

Guess what, I'm the guy giving you free telephone support. quit fooling around and commit to something. In the middle of a terrible nightmare I can write a PD for a live roach and it will be placed accurately

a new installed Yxlon x-ray generator was installed and an error of under voltage primary appears , what suppose to be the probl

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 16 12:57:14 EDT 2017 | dleeper

I would contact the manufacturer of your machine. X-Ray equipment isn't something you want to fool with if you don't know what your doing.

lost reply - maybe

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 08 18:02:25 EST 1999 | Earl Moon

Good folks at SMTNet, I just sent a reply to Steve's question concerning BGA rework. Like a fool, I didn't save the message and probably cannot recreate a masterpiece, nor do I have the time. If you see a strange apparition floating about as a lost

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