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placements per hour

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 17 14:55:36 EST 2006 | Mity-C

Jobbie, We are also not using the Mydata forks for the vibe feeders. We take a tube for the vibe component and cut a pick pocket. We use the back of the forks as stops. This has eliminated many of the pick problems from the vibes. Good Luck Chris

Silver Sulphide Contamination of Resistors

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 23 10:24:24 EST 2001 | johnthor

We still build a legacy product with a primitive backplane using silver plated fork terminals for outside world connections. After some 20 years of no problems the fork terminals on raw stock PCBs were black and almost unsolderable. Because of the

Belt Tension Meter

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 21 13:44:27 EDT 2005 | davef

Se�or Tech: What's a "tuning fork type belt"?

Belt Tension Meter

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 21 14:05:19 EDT 2005 | cyber_wolf

Dave, I think I worded my post poorly. I am not sure if "tuning fork type" is the correct terminology. The instrument I am looking for usually has a hand held unit connected to a device that resembles a small tuning fork. As a matter of fact, I thi

Agilis Feeder Inserts

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 20 17:16:36 EST 2010 | grantf

While on the topic of feeders I would like to ask a question about the Mydata Tube or stick feeders. Due to a shortage of metal forks for the tube feeders we are forced to improvise and use what ever size of fork is available. This is done by notchin

Belt Tension Meter

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 22 10:30:43 EDT 2005 | Frank

I haven't heard of a meter like that. Consult Fuji for a recommended supplier if it is so special. The meter from Gates has a very sensitive microphone, so you tap (or strum) the belt and the vibration is heard and converted to Hz. If you want to

Mydata vibratory feeders for sale

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 18 12:29:42 EST 1998 | Doug Nebel

We currently have 6 (TMF 30) Mydata vibratory feeders with numerous components forks for sale. Contact me for more information. Tel | 605-886-2519

Mydata Agilis Feeders

Electronics Forum | Sat Jan 08 00:47:12 EST 2005 | Grant

Hi, Yes, one of the problems with the MYDATA is the feeders are in groups, but at the same time, they are simple, and don't break. But the new Agillis 12 and 16 mm feeders do jam a bit. It's worse on glued cover tape, while heat bonded cover tape is

Belt Tension Meter

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 21 07:15:03 EDT 2005 | cyber_wolf

Does anyone know of a good source for a tuning fork type belt tension meter. Needs to measure in HZ. Thanks, Sr.

Solder paste Thawing

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 13 10:39:18 EST 2006 | fredericksr

I'd be curious if a microwave would activate the flux. I'd also suspect that the metal content of solder might just give you that excellent "microwave+fork" effect. I can see this R+D failing miserably. -Russ

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