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Odd form component placement

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 05 16:07:32 EST 2003 | Amol Kane

Hi, I am a Graduate student in SUNY Binghamton. I am currently working on an Odd Form Component Placement Machine Manufactured by Universal Instruments Name of the Machine is Vari-Cell II Flexible Assembly Workcell Model number 6515A This Machine ha

Looking to form Users Group

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 15 20:29:25 EST 2003 | davef

Consider asking APS for a list of their customers that own the machine that you own and then calling those people.

Looking to form Users Group

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 08 14:27:54 EDT 2004 | M_Oniah

Many problems with the APS feeders and controller. We replaced it with Mydata. Much better.

Looking to form Users Group

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 15 17:13:48 EST 2003 | Garth

I am looking for owners of the new APS (Automated Production Systems) GoldPlace series pick and place machines (L20, L40, and L60) to form a users group. Contact me at sales@garnetinstruments.com We purchased an L40 last June and an L60 this month.

Looking to form Users Group

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 17 17:28:22 EST 2003 | George

Walt; How can I say this politely...Garth used to work for me. His enthusiastic support of the APS machines was not based on reality. We have had so many problems with our 2 machines that we are getting rid of them. I hope you make out better. G

Looking to form Users Group

Electronics Forum | Sun Nov 02 07:16:19 EST 2003 | Walt

We are the proud new owners of the L60 machine. The machine just went online two weeks ago (first project started on 10-21-03). We have since completed two more projects on the machine and are pleased with the results. However, there are some ques

SMT, lead form and trim equipment

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 20 10:23:29 EDT 1998 | Sherry

Hello friends.... Can someone please point me in the right direction... I will be needing the capability of forming/trimming QFP's on a very low volumn scale in house. So far I've only been able to find one manufacturer and that is Fancort Industri

Re: SMT, lead form and trim equipment

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 20 13:28:14 EDT 1998 | Chris Fontaine

We regularly form QFP's and FP's (pitches to 20 mil) and have experience with both Knight and Fancort equipment, however most of our experience has been with Knight. Knight Tool has been consistently good, and I've had some sour experiences with Fan

Wanted: Impact sensor in roll form for Pick & Place SMT usage...

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 19 13:49:08 EDT 2001 | Ben Brandt

Hello everyone. I'm trying to locate (if it exists) an impact sensor (which would activate if hit or jarred) on some sort of roll form with 2 leads which could be easily placed and soldered through automation. If anyone knows of a supplier, I would v

Integration of manual odd form / low volume pick and place

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 19 11:13:18 EDT 2002 | ksfacinelli

I would like to understand what different options people are using to place low volume / odd form parts. I am very familiar with the tweezers / vacuum pen method however this can be less than desirable. I am looking into a manual pick and place to

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