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Idaho Gold

May 1, 2019 | I'm not sure I could get past my outside formers smelling like a seasoned wok. To your point, I'

Recommended Manufacturers

Apr 12, 2018 | I also use Bluering formerly ASI/MET. We have been using Vectorguard stencils with them for a number

Recommended Manufacturers

Apr 12, 2018 | I've used BlueRing stencils (formerly Metal Etching Technology) for over 10 years and have been happ


Nov 4, 2013 |

manix or Manncorp manual axial led former

Aug 2, 2013 | Need to pick between an inexpensive Manncorp manual axial lead former or the Manix unit. Any one ha

Manix Lead Trim/Form Equipment

Sep 1, 2012 | Years ago, we almost bought a Manix axial lead former / trimmer, but found a used Hepco at the last

Process ideas for adhesive on bottom side SMD's and wave solder

Nov 23, 2011 | More agreement with screen print adhesives. Back in a former life time we did do pin transfer on on

Questions on juki 740

Mar 23, 2011 | No - the factory 740 spec says that it will go down to an 0402. I am a former Juki agent and sold m

Machine capabilities

Sep 2, 2010 |

Solder briding on QFP

Jan 11, 2010 | In a former job we had issues with leakage currents on a QFP. The component was acting as a thermal

X-Ray Inspection of Plated PCB - Need Your Input

Dec 17, 2009 | Back in a former life, we had 3 products that were PCBs bonded to aluminum boards. We used a PSA fr

Tin wash

Dec 10, 2009 |

IC Adapters

Sep 19, 2009 |

White Solder Mask Discolored after Reflow Oven

Aug 16, 2009 | White, lead free * Taiyo America PSR-4000 LEW1 * Huntsman (formerly Vantico, formerly Ciba Geigy)

UIC going down?

Mar 3, 2009 |

Landrex Optima II AOI

Nov 7, 2008 |

Humidity question

Oct 16, 2008 | "We don't associate solder balls with no-clean flux and humidity." I'll let the former speak for

tensile strenght tester

Jan 31, 2008 | The president of my former place of employment used a screw driver for his solder joint quality asse

Fiducial replacements?

Nov 30, 2007 | One of our former SMT Technicians used a component we pick and place for this purpose. The comp

any sugg. on lead forming equip.

Apr 17, 2007 | I've used both GPD and Hepco formers. The Hepco radial former is this one:

any sugg. on lead forming equip.

Apr 17, 2007 | I am looking for a radial lead former/trimmer I have some radial caps that I need to get up off the

Ads Getting Piggy Again

Feb 13, 2007 |

Nicolet X-ray

Aug 21, 2006 |

MPM Printer Repair

Sep 7, 2005 | I know a former MPM field service engineer in San Jose that does work for me. Send me an e-mail and


Jul 27, 2005 |


Jul 27, 2005 |

quad 1000 error

Feb 23, 2005 | Hello C.B. I am a former trainer/fse for that machine and still have a q1000 bible for fixing probl

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