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Idaho Gold

May 1, 2019 | I hope this is OK to do. I found this old (locked, but not removed) thread and it made me laugh, whi

Accuflex Manual

Mar 7, 2019 | I have found the link you are talking about, but it shows an 404 not found error. Tomorrow I will t

SIEMENS S20 Y axis - correct zero pulse not found

Feb 6, 2019 | We've found the problem. It was fault scale encoder. Swapping cards didn't help. Thanks everyone for

Samsung CP45FV Neo Programming

Jun 5, 2015 | What we have found after using the machine for a while is that its difficult to set up most odd / un

Incomplete reflow

Apr 8, 2014 | this makes sense. Glad you found the issue. Gary, try using aluminum tape to secure th

FUJI CP65 Hardware NG

Jan 20, 2014 | Michael, Please post when a resolution is found. I know sometimes when looking for answers and one

Conformal Coating

Nov 1, 2011 |

NASA-UA report

Oct 6, 2011 |

Cracking solder found in cross sections

May 25, 2011 | Hi All, I am new the PCBA process fabrication. I have found many cracks in the PCB after we have

Another interesting article on tin whiskering

Feb 17, 2011 | I found this revealing: NASA found all sorts of tin whiskers in the Toyota recalls.

Wirebond issues near SM

Oct 30, 2009 | We have performed some EDS analysis and found high percent (approx 18% ) of Ni on surface of gold p

White residues

May 26, 2008 |

process defects software

Mar 11, 2008 | Here's a cheer I found on the ASQC Website. "Quality Cheer" by QC McSnigglets Who found it?

Tombstone/ Poor welting

Feb 18, 2008 | Hi everybody, I found a defect varistor 0603 Tombstone and poor welting when we use component that

Reflow Oven

SMT Prototype Stencils - BEST, Inc.