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CY-206 knife type splitting machine adopts straight knife design under the upper round knife. When the cutting board is cut, the v-cut is placed on the lower straight knife, the circuit board does not move, the upper circular knife moves the cutting

Qinyi Electronics Co.,Ltd

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Re: Silver Thru' Hole

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 27 21:00:32 EDT 2000 | Dave F

Scott: I�m not familiar with some of the things you�re talking about, but let me: * Agree with Russ & Peter regarding immersion silver. * Give some snips of information on the substrate side of things that might help you to tie this together. � FR-1

Delamination effect in FR1 type PCB (Lead free soldering)

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 30 02:05:08 EST 2013 | mysmt

Hello, I am facing intermittent delamiantion effect in FR1 type laminate after wavesoldring.Bath temp. is 255 degees cel.Preheater temp is also controlled (110 deg cel. on top side before passing on solder bath). Thanks,

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Agilent 8713B

Agilent 8713B

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Agilent-Keysight 8713B Network Analyzer 300kHz-3GHz The 8713B RF Network Analyzer offers speed, accuracy, and measurement versatility at a price that makes them ideal for high-volume RF component manufacturing. Characterize the transmission / r

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Yamaha K98-M4583-02X123 S F BOARD ASSY K98-M4583-000

Yamaha K98-M4583-02X123 S F BOARD ASSY K98-M4583-000

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L / ? 39 2 KHW-M9281-10X BRKT.,STOPPER RR 1 L>R / ? 40 3 KHW-M9282-00X STOPPER,SUB 1 / ? 41 4 KHW-M9283-A0X CYLINDER ASSY. 1 B ? 42 5 KHW-M9284-00X PLATE,STOPPER 1 / ? 43 6 KHW-M916L-00X SPEED CONTROLLER 2 / ? 44 7 $NK-3N NYLON CLIP 1 45 8 KHW


Yamaha  YG12 YS12 KHL-M441H-131-13x-331x VISION BOARD

Yamaha YG12 YS12 KHL-M441H-131-13x-331x VISION BOARD

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YG12 YS12 KHL-M441H-131-13x-331x VISION BOARD YG12 YS12 KHL-M441H-131-13x-331x VISION BOARD TEL: 86-0755-33160359 m/p:+86-15915451009 WhatsApp:+8615915451009 QQ:382304263 skype :smtdwx Our comp


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New High-Performance Organophosphorus Flame Retardant

Technical Library | 2015-09-10 15:06:17.0

A new non-halogen flame retardant has been developed and is useful for a variety of high performance applications. This non-reactive phosphorus-based material satisfies fire safety needs for a broad range of resins including epoxy, polyolefin, and polyamide. The combination of excellent flame retardant efficiency, high thermal stability and exceptional electrical properties is unique to this organophosphorus flame retardant and makes it a breakthrough technology for high speed, high frequency use in fast growing wireless and wired infrastructures. Resin performance data, including formulations with synergists, are presented in this paper.

Albemarle Corporation

Accurate Quantitative Physics-of-Failure Approach to Integrated Circuit Reliability

Technical Library | 2011-06-02 15:49:09.0

Modern electronics typically consist of microprocessors and other complex integrated circuits (ICs) such as FPGAs, ADCs, and memory. They are susceptible to electrical, mechanical and thermal modes of failure like other components on a printed circuit boa

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Produits de dosage des fluides - Valves de dosage, Systèmes de dosage des fluides, Aiguilles de dépo

">ASYMTEK Products |

 EFD propose des systèmes BaitGun® durables et fiables pour l'application rapide et efficace de pâtes et de… 1 2 Suivant > Dernier(ère) Voir 12 articles Voir tous les articles Search Again Rechercher par

">ASYMTEK Products

PCB inspection conveyor with 1.2M PCB length for PCB turnkey service

ShenZhen J-Wide Electronics Equipment Co.,Ltd |

/ Español /es/products/jw-808-1-2m-pcb-inspection-conveyor/ Français /fr/products/jw-808-1-2m-pcb-inspection-conveyor/ Deutsch /de/products/jw-808-1-2m-pcb-inspection-conveyor/ Dansk /da/products/jw-808-1-2m-pcb-inspection-conveyor/ 日本語

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