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Bare PCB baking

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 19 02:59:24 EST 2002 | yngwie

Hi Experts out there, pls help me with the following matters. How important is the bare PCB baking ? What is the temperature for baking @ what RH ? What would be the impact for the ENTEK finished board should the baking is really necessary ? For t

Bare PCB baking

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 20 16:53:18 EST 2002 | davef

Q1: How important is the bare PCB baking ? A1: Baking boards is a non-value added activity. Q2: What is the temperature for baking @ what RH ? A2: Search the fine SMTnet Arcives for bake recipes. Q3: What would be the impact for the ENTEK finishe

baking out pcbs after reflow process

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 12 02:15:53 EDT 2012 | thmeier

Check also the specs / recommendations of your PCB manufacturer. We bake boards 4h/120°C before reflow and after automated cleaning (it´s not FR4!) and also if we have to rework with the autometd rework- stations (massive IR underheating ,..). Regar

PCB Baking

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 12 21:40:22 EDT 2006 | YQ-Deng

How to bake the FR4 PCB?

Boards delaminated after wash

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 14 15:45:06 EDT 2001 | davef

BOARD BAKING SCHEDULE: Bake time depends on the board thickness and construction. For laminated FR4 PCB, we bake between 6 and 24 hours at 100�C. ROOT CAUSE OF THE PROBLEM: Heating moisture entrapped between the laminations of the board too quickl

Baking FR-4 PWB's prior to reflow

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 21 17:32:48 EST 2000 | Charles Barker

Greetings all you knowledgable SMT persons! 1. Typically, for multi-layer (6-8 layers), FR4, SMT boards stored in an air conditioned environment at about 50+/- 10% RH, how many months (or years) would you allow to pass before you would recommend bak

Re: Baking FR-4 PWB's prior to reflow

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 21 20:37:51 EST 2000 | Dave F

Charlie: I�d plan never bake boards. Check the SMTnet Archives. Dave F

Rigid Flex Wave Soldering

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 05 08:04:40 EDT 2007 | davef

On finding baking recipes in the fine SMTnet Archive, your problem is not in the flex portion. It's in the rigid [FR4] portion. On baking advice from experts look here: http://www.circuitnet.com/experts/EQ10120.shtml Finally, on reworking your ou

PCB Baking

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 27 03:26:13 EST 2003 | damianlai

Hi, I would appreciate some advice / recomendations regarding conditioning of PCB's before use. Our standard PCB's are double sided and rigid multilayer FR4. We are currently baking everything over 3 months old for 2 hours at 125 degrees C. Is thi

Baking of PCB's/Flexes

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 26 12:27:40 EDT 2000 | Dave Cunningham

What guidelines would you suggest for an assembly house concerning the baking of bare PCB's (assume FR4) and flexes/rigid-flexes before assembly.

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