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FR-4 IN ROHS applications

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 26 16:47:52 EDT 2007 | Cmiller

Is anyone using standard FR-4 material for ROHS? All I have ever seen to indicate the need to go to a high tg/td board is that the material may fail after repeted rework. I have a customer that is trying to use IS-410 and it is causing electrical pro

Why delamination happens on PCBs?

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 20 02:43:55 EDT 2011 | milroy

What is the correct FR4 for RoHS? This PCB is a 4layer board. When we get the boards from the supplier they are properly packed in vaccum sealed bags without HIC card but there is desicant in side.

FR4 or CEM3

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 04 01:13:31 EDT 2010 | boardhouse

Hi fotis, Big difference between Cem3 & FR4 is that FR4 the glass is woven and Cem3 is sheet glass non-woven. for Multi layer product, i would not consider Cem3 due to increase chance of de-lam due to lack of weave for strength. Cem1 and Cem3 are

Glass Wicking

Electronics Forum | Sat Nov 04 21:30:15 EST 2006 | Ola

Well, I can't tell you what the "glass wicking failure on PCB" are but for a standard FR4-pcb the Tg temp. or the so called glass temp. is 176 celcius degr. This means that the pcb is in between a firm and a buoyant condition. This is really a bit of

Why delamination happens on PCBs?

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 16 16:50:37 EDT 2011 | boardhouse

Hi Milroy, One thing to check is the FR4 Laminate being used - if this is a RoHs build is the correct FR4 being used by your manufacture. What layer count of board are you seeing the delamination on? Does you board shop Vacuum seal the packages wi

Help: Low Smoke PCB Material Advice

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 29 16:27:37 EDT 2009 | bhartman

Does anyone have experience with the smoke release properties of PCB laminates? I need to pass UL 2043 and I know FR4 does not pass. I also need to be ROHS and otherwise UL listed/recognized material. Thanks.

HASL Life Span/Shelf Life

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 21 15:45:35 EDT 2009 | boardhouse

Hi Ryan, Standard shelf life for FR4 Non-RoHs & Rohs material with HASL or Lead Free HASL would be 12 months + in a controlled environment. on all RoHs materials over 6 months, we would suggest your board shop run a solder ability test before ship

Why delamination happens on PCBs?

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 22 02:30:33 EDT 2011 | boardhouse

if its a RoHs Assembly they should be using an FR4 material designed with higher TD to handle higher Assembly temps. 370HR,IT158, IT180, 4000-29 just to name a few that would be suitable. Standard FR4 material is not designed to handle the higher as

HASL surface finish

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 24 16:51:25 EDT 2020 | kumarb

Hi. Taking this from a total different angle - why not use ENIG to avoid this issue but find more competitive suppliers? We source from offshore all the time and finding that due to this dreaded virus - the market pricing is soft. Many are willing to

Delamination / Measling

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 08 17:06:59 EST 2008 | boardhouse

Hi MGL, Couple things to ask, have the boards recently been changed to Rohs builds? STD FR4 to High TD Laminate. Check the stack-up the board houses are using. Just about all Rohs laminate has Resin starvation issues when used in single ply co

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