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Freedom 3000 Conceptronics BGA Rework

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 16 01:51:44 EST 2015 | hemant_pang23

Pls help for getting the spare part no TOP & Bottom heaters for the Conceptronics BGA Rework Freedom 3000

Rework Station

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 15 00:52:40 EST 2003 | jamstart

What about the latest Conceptronic Freedom SE? Anybody here care to comment?

Re: Rework station evaluation

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 01 00:34:45 EDT 2000 | Antonio

I have evaluated SRT, Air-Vac and Conceptronic rework stations. All three machines offer great BGA and Micro BGA rework capability. But the one I have preferred is the Conceptronic Freedom 2000, as a matter of fact I have purchased two freedom 2000 i

BGA rework systems

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 22 13:12:07 EST 2002 | bcceng

Maxtim, the rework stations you mentioned are the lower end low cost units, all great machines. Now days you can get a real deal in the used market on the top of the line models offered in rework stations. There are three rework station that I consid

Fiducial Recognition

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 14 20:54:57 EDT 2012 | deanm

We have a Quad QSV-1 and have had some trouble with it reading 0.040" fiducials. Our work is very low volume so we just manually spot the ones it can't read. We do not clean the fiducials. Instead we increased the fiducial size to 0.060" and it has b

Rework station evaluation

Electronics Forum | Sat Jul 29 08:47:09 EDT 2000 | lh_zeng

Hi guys, Did any one do evaluation between SRT summit 1100 and Freedom HGR2000 rework station? Hope I can share some experience about advantage and defect of these two product.

Re: Thoughts on APE SNIPER

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 27 14:55:37 EDT 1999 | Tony

| Has anyone used the APE SNIPER rework station for BGA packages? | I have not used it, but I have used the SRT and Conceptronics Freedom 2000 rework stations. Both are really good BGA rework stations.. Thanks

BGA rework

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 09 06:08:38 EST 2004 | Bryan

I never met such a issue.I use SRT1100&Freedom2000,and they works well with BGA larger than 3.5x3.5cm.

Question about Cost

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 06 18:29:33 EDT 2012 | spoiltforchoice

I would guess a small US/Europe CEM with modest equipment could probably get the assembly cost somewhere close to $15, the volume is large enough that tooling charges may well be irrelevant. Such a CEM might appreciate the freedom to source the parts

Assembleon Eclipse error: L006: Tr.over current

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 20 21:58:39 EDT 2012 | jeffr

4 connectors because the pins push back ! 2/.. Check mechanical freedom of each axis. With power off.. feel each motor rotation for a burnt armature. 3/.. Replace the Driver Board.

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