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Solder paste in Syringe vs Jar

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 06 09:01:59 EST 2002 | russ

Syringes seem to keep the paste fresher longer since there is less exposure to air than a jar. It is also nice to be able to just squeeze the trigger on a gun instead of using a spatula in my opinion. Russ

where be located while embed the thermocouple into PTH hole ?

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 09 07:56:28 EDT 2004 | mksslcheng

A fresher goes in SMTonline ,I would like to learn the knowledge that how to embed and high temp. solder thermocouple into PTH hole while profiling board ,where the bead of T.C be located ,whether in PTH hole or protrude the bottom surface of board .

how to learn PCB design

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 18 03:45:32 EDT 2017 | sm2345110

For learning the PCB you have two option. 1-Go for the PCB training classes, 2- Go for the PCB tutorials. choose the best option for you, but as per my suggestion Training is the best option if you are fresher. otherwise, tutorials are good. All the

NXP QFN Solderability Wetting Problems, Kester

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 10 11:24:18 EDT 2017 | dleeper

The exposed metallization on the sides of the QFN probably aren't tinned and therefore not expected to have solder wetted to them. If previous parts formed nice toe filets, it might just be that those parts were fresher and the exposed metal did not

Stenciling chipbonder.....

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 22 18:03:54 EST 2003 | slthomas

You probably pay the same as me. Ours is just fresher. ;) So fresh, in fact, that sometimes we can smell the brewery, when it's breezin' southerly. Not particularly appetizing, actually, although not as bad as the Stock Pot soup factory. City-wid

Pasting ahead

Electronics Forum | Sat Nov 04 07:46:36 EST 2006 | itwasbill

Hi all, What are the pro's and cons of pasting ahead? The definition of pasting ahead for this question is the act of pasting 10 or 15 pc boards and then running then repeat. I do not like this philosophy. I'd prefer to paste, run, reflow then

Pasting ahead

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 06 14:00:45 EST 2006 | nodlac

Checks calendar ...nope not April 1st. -The fresher the paste the better the solder joint. Agreed - My dilema here is upper management wants the two lines to share one stencil printer thus saving the cost of purchasing a second printer. They propos


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