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Jun 7, 2019 | How do you perform measurement the placement force for NXT machine?Fuji provide the placement force

Cracked Capacitors - Analysis

May 28, 2019 | Not according to the data sheet for the CGA parts, and ours is an 0603, I think.

Flason SMT Products

Oct 4, 2018 | Flason SMT FUJI Pick and Place Machine: http://www.flason-smt.com/product/FUJI-Chip-Mounter-SMT-spa

Program Conversion

Sep 12, 2017 | Make Fuji provide the software, and convert some programs as part of the deal. Mac

Component Missing

Nov 3, 2016 | I am not familiar with FUJI CP4-3 machine . This makes a together package FUJI IP3 . This equipment

FEEDER : X-Y out of range! Pick up by Head 2

Aug 4, 2016 | I have seen a similar error on a Quad 4C machine. When setting up the parameters on a tray part ther

CM402 - lead check option

Apr 12, 2016 | Try to increase or set to 100% the Lead Check Side (%) for every QPF part data.

SMT programming

Jan 23, 2016 |

SMT programming

Jan 6, 2016 | Is anyone aware of any easy to use conversion software that will take a current Fuji Flexa SMT progr

Thinking of changing Pick and Place from Quads

Dec 11, 2015 | I've dealt with MyData, Assembleon, Fuji, and Juki over the last 9 years with the majority being MyD

mydata spare electronics

Aug 9, 2011 | We just blew a Elmo power supply board on our MyData 12E placement machine. Can anyone suggest a sup

Tant Cap fell down after SMT

Apr 7, 2011 | The Part Data sheet should specify whether or not the part can withstand the Wave Solder. (I've wave

F4G Next Device goes crazy!

Nov 22, 2010 | I replied on the weekend but now I'm at work and I can clearly see what you mean. The Part Name is t


Feb 24, 2010 | Is there a simple way to create vision data for bga's. Our machine is a Fuji IP3. I have a bga with

Panasonic CM101

Jan 27, 2010 | And making a form with drawings of generic parts with blanks to fill in the data can help streamline

Reject Rate

Nov 16, 2009 | for reject rate depends on various parameters, Part data parameters, (Body tolerance,Part pickup &

Component price database - which or how?

Aug 31, 2009 | You can save your boms and Partminer will let you search that data along with capturing what you pai

cp6 communication error

Aug 30, 2009 | most fuji error codes are 8 digits, A21E is 2100A21E, it is a report from the MCS that transmission

NEW to Philips Topaz-X need help programming

Sep 23, 2008 | You'd still have to change all of the part library references, make up new ones for new parts, enter

New to SMT Equipment

Sep 17, 2008 |

Intelligent feeders

May 15, 2008 |

CP2 Nozzle Holder

Mar 25, 2008 | Hi We have large stocks of New Fuji Spare parts for all types CP2-7,IP1-3,QP1-3, XP & NXT. We have t


Feb 22, 2008 | AJ, You can use 0402 feeders to place the 0201 parts. I would suggest getting the feeders you a

upgrading pnp

Feb 4, 2008 |

SMT feeder adapters

Jan 31, 2008 | Hi, we have the same problem here but have a solution. We have Fuji FIP3 machines but this sho

PickNPlace machine suggestions?

Nov 4, 2007 | If we're comparing a TP9 or a MY9 to anything FUJI, I think the IP3 has it beat by a long shot. You

PickNPlace machine suggestions?

Nov 1, 2007 | Sorry everyone...you all seem to be fond of the MyData machines. I just had to make a comment. We


May 30, 2007 | DO you have a data sheet for the part?

Hitachy QFP 256 leads problems

Mar 20, 2007 | Hi to all, thank you very much for your feedback. The part is rotated before inspection; and al

Snap On EMI Shield ... anyone has experience?

Oct 10, 2006 | Working on it, this part appears to always be consigned here!! it is only part on BOM of products t

FMI Protocol

Aug 30, 2006 |

Mis-alignment Headaches

Jul 11, 2006 | Hi All, I have a continuing problem here with mis-alignment of parts on one of our Fuji CP-3 mac

CP6 Maintenance

Mar 30, 2006 |

feeder maintenance

Feb 2, 2006 | Fuji America has feeder maintenance manuals for all of the machines. Some of them are on CD-ROM with

Heat guns and component damage

Jan 31, 2006 | There is none, since we don't know your part or temp being used. A heat gun CAN be used to remove p

Matrix Tray

Dec 21, 2005 | apologies to all if info. was misunderstood. I am refering to fuji IP3/ Tray Data inputted in pr

Component Loss in CP643

Sep 27, 2005 | 20%) on particular parts (e.g. 0402 caps) by looking to the part data. After this, we have another

SMT Programming

Aug 11, 2005 |

SMT Programming

Aug 10, 2005 |

SMT Programming

Aug 8, 2005 | All, Anybody like to share some programming tips etc. I currently use MCS for Fuji Machines .

Local fiducial spacing...

Jun 15, 2005 | You didn't state if you are using all CAD data or not. If you are not using any CAD data then all

Small Parts Tips