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fuji machin

Electronics Forum | Sun Aug 29 04:11:54 EDT 1999 | ochoa chavez

fuji gp, cp642e, ip3 and other

fuji CP642 or CP643

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 02 03:35:05 EDT 2012 | benreben

Hi all, depending on your experience is there a difference between CP642 and CP643? what is the most stable machine service level? there know problem with these machines? Thanks Regards,

fuji CP642 or CP643

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 02 10:26:17 EDT 2012 | jimmyboz

If I had a choice I would choose a CP642 90% of the time. The loading system on the 643 can load 2 PCBs at the same time but is complicated. If 2 seconds on PCB load time is critical on your production choose the 643, if not, choose the 642.

Re: fuji machin

Electronics Forum | Sun Aug 29 11:28:29 EDT 1999 | Malcolm Montanjees

| fuji gp, cp642e, ip3 and other |

fuji cp-4 vision system

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 14 21:31:19 EDT 1998 | Wen-han Tan

We just have a use cp4 .I have a problem on transfering data between cp3 to cp4 .when I use the data for cp4 I can't have parts in correct location. Is that normal? or it's because that has a different vision system.if so.how can i do with it.the dat

fuji IP3 Technicians

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 23 12:28:20 EDT 2013 | empac

Hello, We are looking for a Fuji IP3 and cp642 technician . Please contact us at 503-396-4200 if you are interested . Regards, David

Re: fuji machin

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 31 07:29:54 EDT 1999 | Kenny Chew

| | | | fuji GL-2, cp642e, ip3 and other Sorry, the requirement to GL-2 in stead of GP. | | Any other questions, please contact me by email or phone. 925-957-9620. | | | | thanks for your interest. | | | Do Not use this forum for selling and bu

Re: fuji machin

Electronics Forum | Sun Aug 29 11:33:38 EDT 1999 | Malcolm Montanjees

| | fuji gp, cp642e, ip3 and other | | Dear Sir, please explain what you mean by GP, are you referring to Fujiu GSP printers? if so, what models are you looking for. We have GSP3-5000 and GSP3-4000 avaiable for immedate sale at $25,000 each. FOB Nor

Re: obective comparison between siplace and fuji pick and place equipment

Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 10 09:01:46 EDT 1998 | Al Carrillo

| we currently have a siplace line(80s/f) and are inhereting a fuji line from another site. I need an objective comparison between the two. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the fuji with regard to programming, operating and maintenance. any c

Re: fuji feeders

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 20 23:00:07 EST 1998 | David Lombard

| | Thanks for your reply. | | I am interested in knowing about maintenance schedules and levels. I'm wondering how to know if I must replace a part. What part? What type of lubrication (for Fuji). Etc. | | My company is small in terms of number of

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