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SMT optimization and improvement

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 01 04:51:21 EDT 2006 | EC

Hi TS, Most of the machines will face this problem after been using few years.....I handling SMT equipments ( Fuji machine ) and process.....sorry if I have offened you...... Hi Jack, Firstly, you must able to tell which component having a high thr

SMT optimization and improvement

Electronics Forum | Wed May 31 22:17:24 EDT 2006 | EC

Hi Jack, I do not know what type of machine you are using and how old is your machine. But I have this problem before using Fuji machine. There are few things cause part throw.....placment speed, feeder, pick up tolerance, part dimension tolerance,

Fuji Pick and Place Machines

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 10 16:23:11 EDT 2004 | davem

Hi Grant, In previous positions I've had experience with the Fuji CP43, CP6, CP642, CP643, CP65, IP3 & QP242. In operating, training and process engineering capacities. Presently, I'm working with 2 SMT lines (in a process engineering capacity) wit

Placement Equipment and Long Boards

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 09 10:16:14 EDT 2007 | davef

Pick and place: * Fuji: The largest pcb size is 20" by 18" for pick and place; 18"x14" for chip shooters. Fuji NP XL series allows 27 by 23 inch boards using a conveyor. * MYDATA has machines that can be configured to 34" X 44" X 0.500" * HSP 4796A a

Smt 'pick and place' machine issues

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 29 08:25:28 EST 2006 | aj

Hi, I work mainly with Fujis but have some experience with Panas. If you are seeing components upside down on the board it is feeder related . If you are seeing poor alignment across the board , firstly I would check the xy table for alignment. Mak

SMT reels using paper for caps and have problems with feeder jam

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 26 11:02:17 EDT 2005 | Rob

I wouldn't say we've escaped either - Fuji blade wear is heavily up at the moment.

SMT reels using paper for caps and have problems with feeder jam

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 26 10:21:28 EDT 2005 | russ

We are also experiencing problems with this thick stiff paper tape. Our problem is the strength of the spring that supports the tape at its pick position. After a while it just pushes it down because the tape exit wants to bend the tape too sharply


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