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Fuji CP3 teach fiducials mark or check part placement

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 19 10:57:55 EST 2014 | jimmyboz

Oh yeah, You can flip to switch on the camera card, VM1710 and jog the PCB under the fiducial camera to visually inspect to placements. switch it back when you are done.

QP341 Mark Reader (HELP NEEDED)

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 14 16:27:13 EDT 2006 | vikkaraja

Talk to Fuji regarding this issue, there is retrofit kit for the mark read camera amp.( it's black color box on top of the machine from side one on your right hand side). And also check you software there might be upgrade available from fuji. I hope

Fuji IP2 users

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 21 06:00:56 EST 2008 | ralphspm

Our Fuji IP2 m/c will not recognise fiducial marks. M/c lost all proper data and without any backup documentation on what data was originally inputted I have had to use educated guesswork. Is there info that needs to be in the proper data for the IP2

Fuji IP1 not reading fiducials

Electronics Forum | Sun Apr 25 21:01:57 EDT 2010 | m79d

Hi all our IP1(1993)is not reading the board fiducials, the light comes on at the fid camera and stay on and the machine just hangs. Need to press the emergency stop button to go any further and screen says 'mark not readable'. None of the bulbs h


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