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Anyone experianced with FUJI PCMCIA Flash Memory cards

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 01 16:56:46 EST 2022 | rstellema

Hello all, I have a couple of old FUJI CP-6 SMT placement machines that are operating with very old PCMCIA Flash Memory cards. I would like to insure that I have back-ups should the memory cards fail. I assume that I would need a support USB reader/w

Fuji IP3 Problem

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 23 14:44:07 EDT 2006 | johnw

They are various way to debug this problem, try booting into mecha check, The cpu wouldnt cause a vp error all that is related to the VP are 3 cards the gognex the vp card and the memry backup card. If this fails print out the trace machine code and

Chip capacitor size - Fuji CP6

Electronics Forum | Sat Aug 19 21:06:09 EDT 2006 | mika

Hi all, At our Fuji CP-6 machines we place a lot of 0402:s, 0603:s and 0805:s chip capacitors. Our problem is that the height of the components can sometime be very extreme from different vendors. I am sure you all have experience of this phenomenon

hi all.I need t manual mcs30.can you hep me?Thnks

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 02 12:25:47 EST 2013 | wesley

I have a Fuji MCS30. and I have a problem. when I turn it on, the display of the monitor is "ALL FAILED BOOT DEVICE". if any indication of their colleagues to help me. I need manual MCS30. thank you

Fuji FCP 2 Check Servo issue

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 21 18:46:24 EDT 2010 | slwolbert

Greetings: > > I am having 'Check Servo' issues > with an FCP 2 4000. It will zero set but given a > few minutes afterwards, the check servo alarm > sounds. > > At times the X/Y table will 'coast' > back to beginning position, like the power


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