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Fuji cp6 servo amp alarm

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 18 03:02:07 EDT 2015 | linux

Hello everyone. Need urgent help with our cp6, when front door is open servo amp alarm comes up, this error will clear using the reset button. Has anyone any idea how I would go about fixing this issue.

Fuji cp6 re-reading fiducials

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 12 03:57:55 EDT 2005 | woodglass

Hi, In the CP6 propers, there are values: PCB Check Position X, & PCB Check Position Y. These are the servo counts that the X/Y table moves to when checking if a PCB exists on the table. Your sensor does not detect a PCB, probably because when checki

Please help! looking for cp6 fuji feeder!

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 24 17:47:50 EDT 2010 | smtmax

I'm looking for CP6 fuji feeder. 16mm x 12mm (KO=8.3mm) 24mm x 20mm (KO=10.9mm) Please help! Thanks!

servo overflow

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 20 06:01:23 EST 2005 | mhe

Hi guys, we are facing a problem - d axis servo overflow in our fuji cp-4. Can anyone please suggest some remedy? thanks deepak

cp6 missing small parts

Electronics Forum | Sun Jan 29 11:59:13 EST 2006 | johnw

Hi Better to check the table calibration and wedges also the rack and pinion gear at the back of the table for control if you go into mechacheck you can set the servo and the calibration data if its an early cp6 its quite simple to set up if its a cp

Fuji cp6 re-reading fiducials

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 21 01:29:07 EDT 2005 | matjen

We are using Fuji-Flexa software and we are not sure where to go in the software to check the proper data. If anyone has Fuji-Flexa software and could direct us in the right direction please let me know. Thanks.

Fuji cp6 placement issues

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 10 10:38:51 EDT 2015 | cyber_wolf

The published Fuji CP6 placing accuracy specification is plus/minus .1mm I would say that your machine is running just fine.

Fuji cp6 nozzle repair

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 29 09:05:38 EDT 2005 | jdengler

Try http://www.smtresearch.com/ But the price is not much cheaper than new ones.

Fuji cp6 nozzle repair

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 29 19:25:02 EDT 2005 | matjen

I found a place that exchanges old nozzles for new ones; thanks for the inputs though.

Fuji cp6 nozzle repair

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 30 10:11:47 EDT 2005 | Stefan

Here is another one: http://www.cotinc.com/product_range.htm

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