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CP643E, vision ststem alare

Electronics Forum | Sat May 21 07:23:38 EDT 2005 | ajaydoshi

We do face problem in CP643E, - Vision system alarm & later machine require to turn off. This problem ocurrs once in a week ( average ) Checked up Fuji along with trace data but could not able to get any solotion. Any recommondation. ajay doshi

CP643E, vision ststem alare

Electronics Forum | Thu May 26 06:04:49 EDT 2005 | johnw

Hi Guys I have had this fault and it was traced to the ccd power module on the camera Zsolt I think I know you drop me a mail Tatabanya

screen printer - vision

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 26 08:15:37 EDT 2004 | pjc

MPM uses a one-print-Mylar system, as do other printer mfrs. In this system there is a Mylar sheet attached to a frame that is secured over the printer table with the board on it. You print onto the Mylar. The table X-Y-theta manual adjustments are u

MPM UP100 vision fault

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 17 21:03:46 EST 2015 | wesleyintelli

Our Speedline MPM UP100 has stopped displaying anything on its monitor where the fiducial positions are usually taught with the camera images. The vga cable is working. Are there any commonly occurring issues with the vga vision board? The rest of th

screen printer - vision

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 26 15:04:14 EDT 2004 | pjc

You are correct in understanding that the vision system comes into play for subsequent boards- to align them. Yes- if you missalign the first board and set the cameras to that board, all subsequet boards will not be aligned. Mylar is a thin polyester

Types of vision recognition

Electronics Forum | Mon May 14 03:21:20 EDT 2001 | Eyal Duzy

Phil, In the considerations you make for choosing an AOI tool, you should check what a vendor delivers today and what will it be able to deliver in the future. As the role of AOI in the SMT production line evolves from "detection" to "prevention"

screen printer - vision

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 29 16:58:00 EDT 2004 | pjc

You should be able to get a one-print Mylar frame for the SMTech 90 machine from SigmaPrint, http://www.sigmaprint.co.uk Yes, with vision you store images of two features such as solder lands or fidicial marks from opposite corners of the board. With

Ap25 camera went all wiggly

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 02 15:20:48 EDT 2013 | aemery

Interesting! not the usual error. In my experience when the vision cables get damaged it shows up and white noise flashes across the monitor. The connections are the easiest to check so here's your system layout with connection points. Starting at

Old (ancient) MPM Accuflex screen printer camera light not working

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 11 17:19:31 EST 2021 | rmitchell

Problem resolved- The machine camera had crashed when the operator put the PCB in upside down (this was kept secret until intense water boarding). The crash seem to take out a chip on the vision processing PCB. It was visually damaged and looked lik

Fuji IP-1 won't vision read PQFP64 package - any ideas?

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 15 15:23:12 EST 2007 | bvdb

The IP-1 vision error is" "Processing Error" er 401F 4003 which the FIP-I Operating Manual says the cause is "The actual number of leads on the part exceeds the number of leads in the Part Data". I have checked and re-checked the part data, lead

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