Used SMT Equipment: fuji cp643e

Fuji Fuji CP643ME, Fuji CP643ME Mater, Second-hand Fuji CP643 Mater

Fuji Fuji CP643ME, Fuji CP643ME Mater, Second-hand Fuji CP643 Mater

Used SMT Equipment | Pick and Place/Feeders

Device Name: Fuji CP643ME, Fuji CP643ME Mater, Second-hand Fuji CP643 Mater Equipment Profile: The second-hand Fuji CP643 patch machine is roughly 99 years old, with a total of 16 mount heads. Each mount head can be fitted with 6 suction pins at th

KingFei SMT Tech

Fuji FUJI CP-643ME&CP-643E

Used SMT Equipment | SMT Equipment

1 CP-643ME chip mounter in fuji and 1 CP-643E chip mounter in fuji, include 50 feeders/each machine, Right to Left Flow,front rail fix, Excellent condition. Please contact us if interested. Thank you!


Fuji CP643E or ME

Used SMT Equipment | Chipshooters / Chip Mounters

We need 2unit FUJI CP643E or CP643ME,pls let us know if you SHENZHEN UPK TECHNICS CO.,LIMITED

shenzhen upk technics co ltd

Fuji FUJI CP643

Fuji FUJI CP643

Used SMT Equipment | SMT Equipment

CP643ME 2000 0.09S/Pc.Nozzle 40pcs,50pcs of 8x4mm Feeder CP643ME 2000 0.09S/Pc .Nozzle 40pcs,50Pccs of 8x4mm Feeder CP643E 2000 0.09S/Pc . Nozzle 40Pcs,50Pcs of 8x4mm Feeder Above machine have been refurbished and good working condition, if you are

Brilliance Electronic

Panasonic MSR/MSH/MV2F

Used SMT Equipment | SMD Placement Machines

Stock List Brand Model Year Including FUJI CP6 1994 0.09s/pc. Nozzle 40pcs, 8x4mm Feeder 50pcs Panasert MVIIF 1997 0.1s/pc. Nozzle 24pcs,35pcs 8x4mm 15pcs Panasert MVIIF 2000 0.1s/pc. Nozzle 24pcs,25pcs of 8x4mm Double Tape Feeder Panasert MSH3 2002

Brilliance Electronic


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