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adjust gain/offset on fuji CP4

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 16 14:02:08 EDT 2012 | benreben

Hi all, i search the proper method for adjusting gain/offset on fuji FCP4 can you help me? thx

Servo Amplifier Alarm on Fuji CP4-3

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 03 12:57:28 EDT 2010 | adrianam

I need some help with the following alarm appeared on Fuji FCP4-3 : ,,Servo Amplifier alarm on X, Y, C, Z axis". When I push the reset button, remain ,,Servo Amplifier Alarm on D, F theta axis". All the sensors and solenoid it were checked and is OK

cp4 motor

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 10 03:12:27 EST 2005 | technitelec

are you looking for a used one or a new one, may i know what is the exact Fuji number is it fcp4-2 or fcp4-3 machine??? thank you serge

Fiducial Capture MV2F/CP-4-3

Electronics Forum | Sat Aug 22 00:11:49 EDT 1998 | Arul vanan

We are using PCBs of CEM3 Material with bare copper fiducials. The whole board is of bare copper with a lacquer coating (Coats brother S2974). The fiducials are of 1 mm diameter bare copper. we use Panasert MV2F as well as FUji CP4-3. In both the mac

Re: Fiducial Capture MV2F/CP-4-3

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 25 12:50:24 EDT 1998 | Lance Smalley

To see if the MV will recognize the marks, in the binary mode, when setting threshold (binary level), raise up the level until the edge of the mark starts to degrade. Write down the number. Lower the level until the fiducial starts to "bloom". Wri


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