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Fuji 643e, turn off advanced part pick up

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 25 16:14:59 EDT 2014 | dman97

In Fuji flexa, under the machine configuration tab. Panel and Board mark reading order should be set to SKIP MARK. (this only works if you have the skip mark active in your fiducial list)If it is set to FIDUCIAL MARK, then the machine will ALWAYS pic

Fuji IP3E Start up problem

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 09 10:41:28 EDT 2010 | chrislyttle

We've been having some problems with out Fuji IP2E machine that we've recently bought from a company that is no longer operating here. Since installing it we've encountered a few problems with it starting up. To give you a quick breakdown of its be

Fuji 643e, turn off advanced part pick up

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 25 11:43:30 EDT 2014 | fuji_user_2014

Looking for information on how to stop our Fuji from picking up parts in advance for the next board at the in carrier. In other words, how can we stop the machine from picking up parts before reading fiducials on a board without adding a skip mark t

Fuji 643e, turn off advanced part pick up

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 26 09:13:34 EDT 2014 | fuji_user_2014

Thank you, but as I said before, is there a way to do this WITHOUT adding skip marks? We need a global setting that will affect all our existing programs.

Need help for setting up an assembly line

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 20 17:12:55 EDT 2006 | chrisgriffin

Nathan, Please don't listen to the Guru. His experience in this industry is as non-existent as his magic mine. Guru, please go somewhere else. This forum is for technical advice, not sales. For those of us in reality, it is usually best to sti

FuJi IP 3 - CRTA event I/O

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 07 11:40:32 EDT 2010 | daxman

Huh... Can you maybe explain a bit more? Are you getting this error on the IP3 monitor or on the programming computer? Do you use MCS, Fuji Cam or Flexa? Will the machine start up and zero-set? At which point of the power-up does the error arise? Are

Fuji CP 642 Communication Cables with Flexa

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 02 10:34:48 EDT 2019 | dman97

You should be using the diagram on page 4. 9pin to 25 pin. Flexa settings should be set to NT C/C. You have to make sure that the COM settings in windows are set correctly for the USB adapter you are using. Whatever COM port windows assigns to the US


Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 22 19:45:27 EDT 2008 | crashoveride

0402 on CP643 is not that good.... We use the Fuji NXT for this part. However, nozzle configuration can be edited thru machine configuration, nozzle set- up.

Fuji Flexa

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 05 20:20:30 EDT 2008 | mika

Of course this should never occur, but this, forgive me shitty worlds of a complex Flexa system, which makes me cry once in a while. Does anybody here at this forum know what it takes to install this shit? First You have to set up a dedicated Flexa

Fuji CP6-4000

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 21 00:06:55 EST 2007 | nhantruong

If you want to use fuji CP6 machine, you have to buy the the fuji flexa software.Because the old software from fuji (MCS or F4G) they are not support anymore. In the flexa software you can make top and bottom side in the same program, you can move th

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