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Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 04 05:08:11 EDT 2012 | mdang

I have MCS-30 and IP3. The IP3 lost its memory and it need the proper file. I have the hard printed copy. How can I create the proper file so I can download it to the IP3. MCS-30 does not have option to create a new proper file. Thanks, -Michael

Fuji IP3 Problem

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 23 14:44:07 EDT 2006 | johnw

They are various way to debug this problem, try booting into mecha check, The cpu wouldnt cause a vp error all that is related to the VP are 3 cards the gognex the vp card and the memry backup card. If this fails print out the trace machine code and

Fuji IP3 Problem

Electronics Forum | Sun Aug 20 02:31:18 EDT 2006 | daxman

Last week, when we turned on our IP3, we received an error on our IP3, which read "Fatal Error with VP Turn Power Off" We had been running product the day before, and the day after we received this error. The function keys are locked and will not w

Director Fuji Flexa + CP4

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 18 00:35:13 EDT 2012 | fujiphil

If you have the backup files for your program and proper. Try to flush-out the machine memory. Then try again to report CP4 to flexa. If the reporting went good, the communication must be ok. Resend the proper and program.

Fuji IP3E Start up problem

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 09 10:41:28 EDT 2010 | chrislyttle

We've been having some problems with out Fuji IP2E machine that we've recently bought from a company that is no longer operating here. Since installing it we've encountered a few problems with it starting up. To give you a quick breakdown of its be


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