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fuji nxt

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 20 19:04:59 EST 2020 | chandra12345

helo sir i am working with nxt 111. i have not good srvice knowledge about how nxt. i want to know what type issue face daily life as maintinance enginner and what is solution. pls help me all

fuji nxt

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 20 19:06:15 EST 2020 | chandra12345

pls give solution .

fuji nxt

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 21 18:02:50 EST 2020 | slthomas


fuji nxt

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 21 15:39:40 EST 2020 | emeto

Too many scenarios and even more recipes for them. There is no exact cook book for what you are looking for. It is called engineering degree and people go to school for it. The remaining requirements includes to read all manuals and get training if p

fuji nxt

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 21 13:12:04 EST 2020 | oxygensmd

After 10 mind of searching on the internet... https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://islandsmt.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Fuji-NXT-Setup-07.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwiG-fv4o5XnAhX8xMQBHdRzCEAQFjABegQIBBAI&usg=AOvVaw1hnWqioLcmvS5V2wj15I

Tray size

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 12 11:23:12 EDT 2002 | cabjerk

Hi All; Is there any web site or resource where to get the correct sizes of trays based on any industary standards? Our kit pull has many trays to choose from they don't always get the correct one. The part then comes to the floor and the Fuji pgm

Nozzle size

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 12 15:58:02 EDT 2002 | stepheno

It's been years since I worked with a Fuji. I only once resorted to the undocumented part class 255 (or whatever they call it) and that was when I was working midnight shift. The smaller nozzle working better than the larger nozzle makes me wonder a

Nozzle size

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 12 15:23:06 EDT 2002 | soupatech

I amusing a Fuji CP3. The part data seems to be the easiest part for me, 3x3 square. I went with the 2mm and had LOTS of dropped parts. A 1.3mm worked MUCH better, between 1 and 2% loss. My only problem now seems to be profiling the oven. The specs o

Nozzle size

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 12 18:37:09 EDT 2002 | tiusa

Hi Tony, as you might guess, a Nozzle Mfg. has stepped into this conversation. Having worked with many small, mid-size, and Fortune 500 companies for almost 15 years we have seen many "parts" pick up challenges. We were the first to offer "Complia

cpk measurement on fuji equipment

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 03 09:57:25 EDT 2001 | johnw

Hi guys I am looking for any info on cpk values IE fcp6, fip2,fip3 What are the variables to consider for placement times and part sizes. Cheers

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