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fuji nxt

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 21 13:12:04 EST 2020 | oxygensmd

After 10 mind of searching on the internet... https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://islandsmt.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Fuji-NXT-Setup-07.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwiG-fv4o5XnAhX8xMQBHdRzCEAQFjABegQIBBAI&usg=AOvVaw1hnWqioLcmvS5V2wj15I

fuji nxt

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 20 19:04:59 EST 2020 | chandra12345

helo sir i am working with nxt 111. i have not good srvice knowledge about how nxt. i want to know what type issue face daily life as maintinance enginner and what is solution. pls help me all

fuji nxt

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 20 19:06:15 EST 2020 | chandra12345

pls give solution .

fuji nxt

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 21 18:02:50 EST 2020 | slthomas


fuji nxt

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 21 15:39:40 EST 2020 | emeto

Too many scenarios and even more recipes for them. There is no exact cook book for what you are looking for. It is called engineering degree and people go to school for it. The remaining requirements includes to read all manuals and get training if p

smt machine of fuji machine nxtII

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 02 01:59:06 EDT 2008 | edmaya33

Obviously nobody can help you Jack. 1. its the camera for parts recognition ( enhanced CMOS ). 2. positioning system upgraded from ball screw to linear motor/gantry. before CPH=16500 new CPH=18000 using H12S

Re: fuji machin

Electronics Forum | Sun Aug 29 09:03:00 EDT 1999 | Kenny Chew

Looking to purchases: GL-2, GL5, GL541E CP4-3, CP-6 IP-2, IP-3

fuji CP642 or CP643

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 02 10:26:17 EDT 2012 | jimmyboz

If I had a choice I would choose a CP642 90% of the time. The loading system on the 643 can load 2 PCBs at the same time but is complicated. If 2 seconds on PCB load time is critical on your production choose the 643, if not, choose the 642.

Re: fuji machin

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 31 07:29:54 EDT 1999 | Kenny Chew

| | | | fuji GL-2, cp642e, ip3 and other Sorry, the requirement to GL-2 in stead of GP. | | Any other questions, please contact me by email or phone. 925-957-9620. | | | | thanks for your interest. | | | Do Not use this forum for selling and bu

fuji cp-4 vision system

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 14 21:31:19 EDT 1998 | Wen-han Tan

We just have a use cp4 .I have a problem on transfering data between cp3 to cp4 .when I use the data for cp4 I can't have parts in correct location. Is that normal? or it's because that has a different vision system.if so.how can i do with it.the dat

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