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Tg and reflow

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 16 18:37:10 EST 2005 | mdemos1

Hi. I am trying to understand Tg and how it relates to reflow. With the higher temperatures of lead free, we have been looking toward laminates with a Tg of 180 instead of the current 140. My question is a little more general. In either lead free

QFN's and LGA's

Electronics Forum | Fri May 22 08:04:30 EDT 2009 | stevezeva

Have any of you ever worked with Actel's QFN 180? A three row I/O QFN? Actel has a published paper on design and assembly guidelines, but we're finding that they are pretty much generic, and don't really work as well as they lead you to believe. ht

MPM Accuflex questions and issues

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 14 09:27:17 EST 2018 | cyber_wolf

On AP machines it is possible to mount the camera 180 degrees out. Not sure if this can happen on Accuflex.

Time and temp in lead and lead-free reflow

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 25 15:54:22 EDT 2008 | pcbbuilders

I am trying to optimize my reflow profile. i have a 5 zone oven. lead-free: for the 1st 3 zones, i am good, at about 150-200 deg for 150 seconds. during the 4th zone, i am at a temp of 200-220 for 50 seconds. during the 5th zone, i am at 220-245 f

BGA and QFP orientation in trays for pick and place

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 16 07:48:29 EST 2004 | Mika

We usually program the components in the component database with pin 1 in the lower left corner. Then in the feeder database we set the component orientaion to 270 deg for Tray feeders(turn the tray in the feeder 180 deg) and "tube" feeders. For tape

Re: Reflow glue and past.

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 08 16:09:09 EST 2000 | dean

Generally speaking with most electronic grade epoxies: 1. Cure time is a function of temperature. 2. Polymer bonds begin to quickly break down above certain temperatures (product specific). I believe aprox 170-180C. The strength of the bond de

BGA ball and PCB pad

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 17 04:52:13 EST 2004 | John W

There's normally a number of reasons people want to know what melts 1st, 1 - to see if you know, 2 voiding issues - whole can of worms 3 device alignment. One of our collegues has said that most balls are Eutectic, that's in fact not totally correct.

MPM Accuflex questions and issues

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 15 13:46:16 EST 2018 | aemery

Griinder, Maybe it's me, but I think what you might be saying here is that you see a reflected image of the PCB or Stencil when you and teaching the fiducials and it is interfering with the teaching routine, is that correct? If this is true it is c

Pick and Place machine dropping parts

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 13 13:48:37 EDT 2009 | christian01976

Hello! You can check your vacuum in MANUAL and then VACUUM IN MONITOR. You can switch the vacuum on or off for each head. With a TYPE 72 nozzle and no component the vacuum should be around 80 or 90 and with a component at the nozzle it should be ove

Adhesive Spray for testing and trim P&P

Electronics Forum | Mon May 14 10:57:08 EDT 2018 | Robl

Hi Ivan, We use a strong double sided tape/sheet. I would be concerned with an adhesive as it would still be curing going through the machines, gassing out vapor. The double sided works OK with our 0201 test board - 16000 placements in rows at 0,9

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