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Fuji cp6 re-reading fiducials

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 21 01:29:07 EDT 2005 | matjen

We are using Fuji-Flexa software and we are not sure where to go in the software to check the proper data. If anyone has Fuji-Flexa software and could direct us in the right direction please let me know. Thanks.

Partlibery Export Components + Feeder + Pitch

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 10 08:43:32 EST 2019 | srecko

From FujiFlexa, ofcourse :-) Thanks Srecko

CP6 vs CP6E

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 06 22:06:15 EST 2006 | kent_peterson

Same for fujiflexa or cam. Just make sure the one you get has new style shafts. I doubt you can get the old style and to switch takes doing all shafts.

software to produce assembly programs

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 06 09:10:02 EST 2007 | ralphspm

What would be the best software packages available to produce assembly programs from basic gerber data?I'm using FUJI CP3 & IP1 M/C's with fujiflexa software.

question for Fuji Flexa

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 20 06:19:42 EST 2007 | kircchoffs

just add FIP2 in fujiflexa when you are adding machine at factory lines. if you are connected just receive the proper data from the machine and re-transmit the proper data.

Fuji machine problems

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 17 05:18:55 EDT 2008 | ralphspm

Our Fuji IP2 has a problem reading fiducial marks.It finds the mark(is shown on console display) but after time gives out the error statement "image display time over".It gives out an error status code of "FFFC" on the console display.Cannot find any

QFN shape on Fuji Flexa for CP6

Electronics Forum | Thu May 27 18:40:02 EDT 2010 | dcell_1t

Hi. I'm trying to develop a shape to place a QFN at a CP6, I'm using FujiFlexa. We have never had a shape for this particular component, we only draw as a rectangle and put a rectangle vision No (10 in this case) but we're scarifying accuracy. is th

Fuji Flexa Users

Electronics Forum | Fri May 11 02:54:48 EDT 2007 | pima

Im using this for example to introduce new product and new part numbers and shape. Ive got in notepad list with all components and macro is importing one by one every and putting inside FujiFlexa. Its work like in visual basic. so u can generate macr

Restriction to population one batch of component at Fuji machine

Electronics Forum | Sun Oct 26 12:06:09 EDT 2008 | pima

Hello I want to aks more experienced SMT engineers about one thing related with Fuji machines. Is it possible to protect some how to avoid populating pcb with component from different batch? We have one same part number same vendor but customer does

Fuji CP IV-3

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 22 13:49:27 EDT 2012 | johndoe0222

We recently made a backup of our FujiFlexa and Fuji give us a new License for the new installation. Then loaded the program into the machine and now its placing some of the components off. We retransmitted the Status and Proper then reloaded the

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