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Futaba Pulscale

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 09 08:38:45 EST 2007 | Br

Hello all we have a futaba Pulscale model CH2A01 used with a fuji fba, we switched it on after a few months and it shows no response. The display stays on 000 (x/y) when moving plotter probe. Have tried cleaning scale/check leads/connectors on pcbs

Futaba 14MZ IC60 top mark help please

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 16 03:58:27 EST 2015 | skoubri

Hi i am looking for IC60 as shown. It's top mark is 4L1 L74 (two lines). 8 pin package.I suspect its somekind of comparator/amp http://s18.postimg.org/iw5ucp4qx/photo.jpg Many thanks in advance


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