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Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 18 12:00:57 EST 2005 | BILL



Electronics Forum | Sun Dec 04 20:26:34 EST 2005 | darby

Sydney, Australia


Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 19 16:03:23 EST 2002 | Darby

May be able to help if you are using FV-7100


Electronics Forum | Sun Nov 20 17:29:22 EST 2005 | darby

Yep. What is your problem and what versions of MMi and iOS are you using.


Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 29 20:02:33 EST 2005 | bill

need training on basic programming for this machine. We're you base at?

FV 7100 micro/mini coil inductors

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 01 02:17:00 EDT 2001 | djarvis

Anyone placing micro,mini,midi spring inductors (as can be seen on http://www.coilcraft.com) with an FV7100? I can get the little suckers to "test" all day long, but soon as I go into production mode the vision system rejects around 20%. I've tried c

Amistar SMT equipment

Electronics Forum | Thu May 24 23:00:48 EDT 2001 | Darby

I am currently running 2x Tenryu ( Amistar ) Fv7100 machines. They are sensational. However the version of the software I'm running sucks. Yamaha has basically taken over Tenryu and formed, as they call it, an independant third entity called i-Pulse.

Placement machine comparison

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 27 02:52:54 EDT 2002 | Darby

Take a peek at a Samsung CP45v before you make a decision. I'm running two before a CP40v. Runs very well. Clever software. Cheap. I'm also running two Tenryu/i-Pulse FV-7100 in line vintage 1999. Great machines but it may be some time before the sup

Which is best to buy Samsung CP45FV Vs I-pulse M2

Electronics Forum | Sun Aug 24 23:19:34 EDT 2014 | darby

I have 2 x CP45FV, 2 X CP45-Neo FV and 2 X Tenryu FV7100V (forerunner of M2. Personally, I think the machines are about equal although CP-45 are probably easier to operate and program. The i-Pulse are a bit more eccentric and programming and operatio

Moving/aligning SMD lines

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 19 17:58:45 EDT 2000 | Darby

Moving Heavy Machinery, We will be reconfiguring four smd lines after some building alterations are completed. What are the latest tricks/tools peolple are using for lining up their production lines. Lumps of 4" x 2" and trolley jacks work fine for t

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