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Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 27 17:17:05 EDT 2018 | leandroxp

how to solve the error DIO in the machine SI-G200 MODEL SONY.

Hello people! how to solve problem of disconnects system. machine SI-G200?

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 05 12:32:14 EDT 2020 | leandroxp

Hello people! how to solve problem of disconnects system. machine SI-G200? https://uploaddeimagens.com.br/imagens/aeO3o2c

Sony SI-G200 : Upper Pusher Error

Electronics Forum | Sun May 27 22:36:25 EDT 2018 | fadzril

Hi! I would like to inquire if anyone occurred the following error for Sony SI-G200? Error : The upper pusher return sensor is not on. Alarm Code : 410000607 Recovery Method : Re-optimize the program There's a grey area between machine & program.

SMT placement machines. Where are we going ?

Electronics Forum | Tue May 19 22:56:06 EDT 2009 | mikehe1

we use Sony and Assembleon and we just placed out first 0201's with the Sony G200, both are very nice machines and placed on the money.

Sony SMT

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 21 06:11:03 EDT 2011 | fadzril

Dear Lisa, as for current, we're using Sony SI-F130 & G200 machines. for my personal opinion comparing to Pana HT122 & JUKI KE2060, Sony machines are very delicate to handle. the precision is good, especially 0603 parts, but for maintenance-wise, it

SMT placement machines. Where are we going ?

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 02 22:32:09 EDT 2009 | mikehe

I can tell you from current experience that the Sony and Assembleon machines are bullet proof. I just placed 0201's on the Sony G200 and ran it at wide open throttle and it didn't skip a beat. You have to keep in mind that the speed ratings that the

FR4 or CEM3

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 22 00:09:14 EDT 2010 | leadthree

You should do some testing what temp you really get. Solder will melt 260~300ºC. Back to the initial question, CEM-3 is a bit harder to buy and has not many varieties. Go for FR4, you can go for a higher Tg then the common 130ºC. There is also 140,

Sony SMT Machine Support in Algeria

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 18 20:58:39 EDT 2016 | fadzril

Hi! There's a SMT manufacturing plant in Algeria which requires technical support / training. The company owns Sony machines such as SI-G200. Does anyone know any technical company that support this Algeria plant aside for JAS-SMT? Their concern

Dual lane vs. single lane feeders for high mix

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 13 01:14:02 EST 2017 | tsvetan

"Pros: -You can fit more feeders on your machines. -One dual lane feeder is cheaper than two single lane feeders" none of these is true for Sony SI-G200 machines we have dual lane feeders are bigger than the standard 8 mm feeders so no space savin


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