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Height paste measurement

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 23 21:48:45 EDT 2002 | davef

Like other things, the more you pay, the better the gage. I'm not sure which Cyberoptics unit you're considering, but LSM has a lousy gage [R&R ~25%]. We use a microscope with lousy gage that costs waaay less than some laser guided thing. Search t

Re: Glue Head

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 20 11:53:34 EDT 2000 | John Thorup

Hi Dave The larger the gage number the smaller the inner diameter. There is a nice chart relating color code, gage, ID and OD in the EFD Catalog. They don't list a web address but their phone is 800/556-3484. Email me if a fax copy would help John

ICT Gage R&R

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 31 12:13:31 EST 2003 | TN

We are having an issue with repeatability and reproduceability in our ICT process. The first pass yield is low but the retest yield is significantly higher. Has anyone out there have done a Gage R&R in their ICT process?

Gage R&R For Reflow Oven

Electronics Forum | Sun Aug 28 23:29:03 EDT 2005 | J~H

Can anyone share with me the method of how the Gage R&R for reflow oven to be done? Thanks.

Conformal Coating Height Inspection

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 06 10:57:52 EDT 2005 | SuMoTe

Put a known thickness gage next to your boards to be coated. Then coat it in the same pass as your boards. Measure the "new" thickness of your gage and subtract the difference. That will be your coating thickness. This is assuming your coating your o

Gage R&R test for AOI equipment

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 30 10:16:22 EDT 2008 | muarty

I am looking for a straight forward Gage R&R test I can use when evaluating AOI equipment. Anyone carried out similar? Thanks in Advance

X-Ray Gage Study Question

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 02 18:49:12 EDT 2020 | stephendo

What exactly do you want to measure with it? The gage R&R is going to be based on what you want to measure. I have mostly seen X-rays used to make judgement calls not measure something. I'm guessing a customer or manager requested it?

Conformal Coat Thickness

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 23 17:49:04 EDT 2007 | davef

We know nothing of DeFelsko, but do understand how they distinguish between the solder mask and the conformal coat. DeFelsko manufactures hand-held, non-destructive coating thickness gages that are ideal for measuring the dry film thickness of confo

X-Ray Gage Study Question

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 31 14:45:37 EDT 2020 | SMTA-64387994

Can anyone provide any insight to an appropriate way to apply a Gage R&R study to an x-ray inspection machine? We have a Vitrox V810 S2EX machine that we would like to perform a measurement system analysis on. What methods do you use? Which type of G

Strain Gage Analysis tips

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 17 05:59:50 EDT 2003 | scwalsall

We have started an initiative to eliminate component damage within our SMT area in order to achieve

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