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Lead-free solder alloy: SN100C from AIM solder

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 29 18:25:12 EDT 2005 | gamma

SN100C (the manufacturer company is Nihon Superior) it is sold by two companies in USA AIM and Krayden, we are still in the process of evaluation for lead-free, this alloy is mostly use in Europe and Asia. You can find more information in this link

Komax CFA bad crimps

Electronics Forum | Sat Nov 28 12:03:15 EST 2015 | alfred747

Hi there, I'm just using a komax Gamma 255(novice), but sometimes I get some bad crimps values, does someone can give me the explanation of them, thanks. http://postimg.org/image/4wltdnpdb/

Mydata's handling matrix trays ?

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 28 01:30:07 EDT 2005 | Marv

The Tray wagon on a Mydata can be any table width you desire, a one bay holds two trays, a two bay holds five, and a three bay holds seven. The tray wagon can be removed in about a minute flat. the TEX actually only requires two slot positions to h

Mydata - Level too high in pick

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 16 12:09:25 EDT 2012 | mikesewell

Our MY12 is having trouble picking both out of feeders and the TEX using the MIDAS head. The nozzle (spring or rigid) will go down and touch the part but won't pick it up. I get a Level too high error - the pick location isn't obstructed, part isn't

Re: Calcutating Surface Tension

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 26 14:40:12 EDT 2000 | ptvianc

Hello: I have not seen a published formula for calculating the package weight that can be secured by molten solder. I have seen forumlas printed for tombstoning. From that aspect, we developed the following rule-of-thumb for first-order estimates:

Gold Embrittlement

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 01 19:35:39 EDT 2004 | Ken

There are studies out there that looked at gold embrittlement. The overall consensus is to not exceed 5% by weight. As far as the conductivity question, as themo/mechanical creep fatigue sets in, your conductivity will be affected as the joint is s


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