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Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 10 18:08:36 EST 2009 | vinh

Hi, I have gerber files and GC-PLACE software. But I do not know how to get xy data. I really want to learn GC-PLACE software. Anyone in San Jose want to come my company for training. I will pay cash. Thanks,


Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 11 08:39:23 EST 2009 | thanh

i can help you out on that, but i'm all the way in Florida. by the way, what version of your GC-PLACE?

Parts from gerber

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 12 14:43:58 EDT 2003 | Dominador Sagun

GC-Place works well. I used it to generate GenCAD files for CIMBridge.


Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 12 15:33:03 EST 2009 | vinh

Hi, Can You give me your phone number. Thanks,


Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 11 13:14:10 EST 2009 | vinh

Hi, GC-PLACE VERSION 4.1.2 Please, help me. Can you teach me basic steps to get xy data for machine. I usually teaching each location then write down xy. But sometime the board is a lot of component and take me a day to finish. Thanks

Re: Gerber to Centroid Data

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 29 23:16:26 EST 2000 | cklau

Hello there; Please pls try & contact the graphicode company and ask for GC-place demonstration program Disk. Using this program U can generate the XY centroids using Centroids Data extraction command . Hope this help.

Re: AOI inspection

Electronics Forum | Sun Jan 23 17:42:42 EST 2000 | NAZEEH CHAUDRY

we are currently using IRIS AOI machine.It is very simple to program. Machine utilize the GC-place to program. If you have any question please e-mail me. Nazeeh Chaudry

PCB 'gerber' files

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 23 08:24:24 EDT 2005 | Yogesh Beedkar

For extracting centroid you can use GC-PLACE or CAM-CAD but for it you need to ask the ASC file from your customer.

SMT tape boards!

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 01 05:50:58 EST 2005 | dougs

Ken, what software do you use to aid your programming process? i've seen programs like GC-PLACE which could help verify customers cad data and rotations prior to setting up on a line, are there any others that the forum would recommend looking at?

Convertion Gerber to P&P data

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 20 14:34:23 EDT 2007 | pnguyvu

Hi Mark, You can use the software called GC-PLACE to convert centroid, there are alots of SMT process engineer using it. Regards Steve USA STENCILS

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