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what software is out there that will extract XY centroid from gerber data?

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 24 12:41:18 EST 2014 | mi

Depending on what X-Y centroid / CAD data you need, there are different SW I've used to do the job. If you need PCB gerber "artwork" (rounds, rectangles, lines, squares,...geometric figures), you can use GraphicCode GC-Place & such - load the gerber

Circuit cam and mydata

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 09 20:18:31 EDT 2020 | jlawson

Can not speak for CircuitCam is made by Aegis Software I veliveve sound like need to get understanding of how tool is supposed to work to extract-create centroid positions. Using Gerber Only is a pattern match and cacluate logic process - ie make pac


Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 09 11:42:37 EST 1999 | Dave F

Jeff: Try this: ROSA. John�s spot on. I�ll add that it is a fluxless method that reduces the oxides in an aqueous solution. Another source of information is: Trench, M., Hillman, D., Lucey, G., "Environmentally Friendly Closed Loop Soldering,"

PDBE and PBB replacements???

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 21 09:33:25 EST 2005 | davef

RoHS Substance||RoHS MCV Limits||Typical Testing Approaches Lead||1000 ppm* ||Wet chemical digestion followed by ICP (Inductively coupled plasma) or AAS (atomic absorption) spectroscopy ||||XRF (X-ray fluorescence) spectroscopy Cadmium||100 ppm ||Wet

Flux Designations and Composition

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 12 11:35:27 EDT 2004 | Pierre RICHARD

Here are some answers to my questions after a good research. I also added more definitions that could help understand this esoteric language used in assembly, specially surrounding fluxes and their use. In blue italics are comments and extracts from

Dry and Clean Room in Tropical Climate

Electronics Forum | Sun Sep 04 01:59:41 EDT 2005 | smartasp

We need to dry and clean the air in our dedicated poting and conformal coating room. Can anybody help on how to go about it. The airconditions only recycle and dry until room temperature is reached and therefore have great fluctuations and unstable p

PCB 'gerber' files

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 23 08:24:24 EDT 2005 | Yogesh Beedkar

For extracting centroid you can use GC-PLACE or CAM-CAD but for it you need to ask the ASC file from your customer.

Need help on PCBA Cleanliness Standards and Specs

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 28 04:46:45 EST 2003 | gregoryyork

Best to establish what type of residue is causing this problem and then stamp it out.Speak with SCOPE Labs who offer PCB extraction followed by IR and IC work. So many problems with porous resist at present and NON ionic materials that you really nee

No-clean SMT process and water wash (Clean) repair

Electronics Forum | Fri May 27 12:09:59 EDT 2005 | saragorcos

You do want to be very careful with potentially entrapped organic materials as they are prone to causing electrical leakage failures particularly around sensitive devices. There is a new clenliness testing tool available that tests a localized area

Re: Adhesive Dispenser Vs. Screen Printing Adhesives Pros and Cons

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 12 22:16:59 EDT 2000 | Dreamsniper

Hi Guys, I'd like to share this to all of you...you can start playing with the rests...Stated prices, if not indicated, are in Aussie $ or Singapore $. Stencil Printing Adhesive Pros a) Less Capital Equipment Cost (Short Term). In reality it is f

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