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Difference between Gemini1 and Gemini2

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 20 11:55:45 EDT 2004 | raf

I would just like to know what the main differences between the Camalot Gemini I and the Gemini II are. Thanks, Raf


Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 25 01:32:12 EST 2020 | kcgoh5666


Vision card for Camalot / Gemini

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 25 07:02:05 EDT 2005 | mikesn

Anyone knows of a repairer out there who can repair a cognex 5000 series vision card? This card is taken out of a Camelot/Gemini II. Thanks Mike.

Camelot Gemini 1 glue dispenser flat panel display

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 09 12:41:12 EST 2008 | robotek

Please advise if you have any sources for used/refurbished/repair services for Camelot Gemini 1 glue dispenser flat panel display monitors. Thanks, jason@robo-tek.com

SMT Adhesive Dispensers

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 27 11:44:14 EST 1998 | Ron Beasley

Can anyone give me any input on CAM/ALOT (Gemini) and Universal (GDM) adhesive dot dispensers.

Vision card for Camalot / Gemini

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 25 07:32:12 EDT 2005 | prakash

My company provide service in terms of repairing the cognex vision card used in the Dek 265 GSX and 288 machines, and certain MPM and Camalot machines. I believe the Gemini II uses the 5000/5200 series vision card. Do contact me if you're interested.

Re: The care and feeding of adhesive nozzles

Electronics Forum | Fri May 28 20:44:57 EDT 1999 | David Scott

| Scotty, | | What type of glue machine are you using? | | Thanks in advance, | Robert | Robert, We have a Camalot 1818, and a Gemini machine. We use the purge compound in both of them. Scotty

Describe term A wave

Electronics Forum | Sat Dec 12 17:46:35 EST 1998 | Tom B

SMTneters, I'm famialiar with lambda, omega, and gemini waves but not with "A" wave. Can somebody give me an explanation? thanks Tom B.

Camalot dispenser

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 20 00:46:43 EDT 2005 | bigvern

Hi can anyone advise as to wether the Camalot Gemini 1 dispenser is capable of doing lines and circles as well as the high speed dots. The facility appears to be there in the software, just wondered whether anyone had tried.

Camalot dispenser

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 20 08:55:09 EDT 2005 | pjc

Gemini is dot machine only, no lines, circles, etc.... The model 5000, 1818 and XyFlex Pro can do all. http://www.speedlinetech.com/camalot/index.aspx

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