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Camelot Gemini 1 glue dispenser flat panel display

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 09 12:41:12 EST 2008 | robotek

Please advise if you have any sources for used/refurbished/repair services for Camelot Gemini 1 glue dispenser flat panel display monitors. Thanks, jason@robo-tek.com

Difference between Gemini1 and Gemini2

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 20 11:55:45 EDT 2004 | raf

I would just like to know what the main differences between the Camalot Gemini I and the Gemini II are. Thanks, Raf

Camalot dispenser

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 20 00:46:43 EDT 2005 | bigvern

Hi can anyone advise as to wether the Camalot Gemini 1 dispenser is capable of doing lines and circles as well as the high speed dots. The facility appears to be there in the software, just wondered whether anyone had tried.


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