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voids when waving

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 12 10:29:07 EDT 2007 | george

Are you using wave solder pallets? I use same flux and solder as you do. I've seen this problem when some walls in the wave fixture cause a "shadowing effect"...if you enlarge those openings you will increase the dwell time eliminatting voids (if the

No-clean PCB: Wave soldered twice...

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 29 08:41:29 EDT 2007 | george

Hello everybody, I had not noticed until yesterday this situation. Whenever the wave operator has a problem with a PCB (i.e. lifted parts, misprayed flux, etc.) they wave solder the PCB again "to fix it". The problem is that PCBs do not look pretty

Re: HTI Auto Print Screen Printers

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 10 02:54:33 EST 2001 | george

Yo! first, lemme ask whether you refer the problem to HTI service engineers ? What was their reply? Can't they help you? Well when I was with a certain company in Singapore, we got an HTI Semi-Automatic Printer...it was bought at about 1994 and it wa

Cleaning after Stencil Printing Adhesive

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 24 22:19:24 EDT 2000 | george

Hi Guys, Wonder what and how other companies clean their squeegees and stencils after stencil printing adhesives. Can anyone give me a clear skies about the above process? We do not have any special cleaner at the moment. all ideas are welcome... t

glue measurement

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 05 07:46:24 EDT 2001 | george

Specifications of testing force are not fixed, but (incase of wave soldering) the value should be at least 120-150 % of the force the wave. So for small chip components we assume that the force from the wave on the component is about 3 Newton, this m

glue measurement

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 08 02:12:21 EDT 2001 | george

I do not doubt about the power of the 552 and 580, but in some cases it may be overdone. For just a simple (straight forward) shear test, you can also look at: http://www.chatillon.com/products/dpp.html (�Low Capacity Mechanical Force Gauge. These er

BGA rework

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 19 07:06:27 EST 2004 | george

Vijay: If you are still having difficulty or are frustrated with your yields try http://www.solder.net. They work on the most difficult packages and boards.

Solderability test - OSP

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 16 20:32:57 EST 2016 | davef

George Milad is the Head of the IPC IPC Plating Committee 4‐14. The IPC Plating Committee 4‐14 is developing the IPC-4555 OSP Finish Specification. He can give the best advice. Contact George [George Milad, National Accounts Manager for Technology, U


Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 11 06:57:15 EDT 2005 | ???

Is tmv secretly George Bush????

Need Philips CSM84 PA1306/20 service manual

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 18 13:08:28 EST 2008 | andras

GeorgeS: I'm pleased to help you. I was in the same situation some years ago... tpappano: no problem, download it. But it should be noted that it is for CSMs with DC servo.

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