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heat resistant glass plate

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 17 03:23:09 EDT 2013 | vishnudas123

Dear All, can please tell specifications of heat resistant glass plate which is used to flux application and process control of wave soldering. can you tell the suppliers of the same in India. BR, Gupta.

Certified glass plates with components

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 11 11:17:43 EST 2000 | Andy Yates

I wonder whether anyone can tell me where I might purchase a NIST certified glass plate with components placed upon it? Thanks, Andy

Re: CPk using glass slugs?

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 25 22:01:52 EST 1999 | Chris G.

| Read an earlier thread about using glass slugs to determine placement CPk. Can it actually be done this way? What's the procedure? Be interesting to know 'cause if it's feasible, I'd probably get myself a kit. None of us here are stat's experts

IPC-9850 Glass Plate

Electronics Forum | Thu May 01 09:40:24 EDT 2003 | Fred Matthews

With the release of the IPC-9850 equipment characterization standard there now is a need for a glass plate solution or Placement Verification Panel Carrier (as IPC calls it). Does anyone have a vendor or supplier who is currently marketing this pane

Glass Plate for machine Calibration

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 18 10:41:01 EDT 2003 | Fuji_Dude

Does anyone know where I can purchase a Glass Plate & Glass Components to calibrate a Pick & Place machine.

Wavesoldering SPC

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 01 12:46:19 EST 2001 | cebukid

conveyor speed x dwell time = contact length and =====> inches / seconds x seconds = inches. First run your pump at a constant speed.....THEN,.... try running your glass plate at a very fast speed, and then you'll notice that your lengt

Solder wave

Electronics Forum | Tue May 08 09:50:19 EDT 2007 | patrickbruneel

Hi Loco, Good point!! The good old glass plate works just fine as long as the conveyor or carriers have L shaped fingers. A glass plate is usually about a � inch thick (a lot thicker than the actual board). With L shaped fingers the bottom of the gl

Re: Cpk measurement

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 18 19:17:16 EDT 1998 | Ben Salisbury

| I am currently using some pick & place equipment and would like to measure their cpk using a glass plate and glass "components" with vernier scales. I have seen these kits but am trying to track a supplier down in UK/Europe. | Any help is much appr

Solder wave

Electronics Forum | Tue May 08 09:08:37 EDT 2007 | lococost

Use the good old glass plate?

Placement accuracy

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 06 20:57:44 EST 2001 | Kyle

The Universal GSM is a very accurate and repeatable machine. I have had one for the last 5 years and it is still repeatable to +/- .0015". I use a Robotic Vision Systems glass plate kit to check the repeatability. it has glass slugs and glass boar

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