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X-Ray inspection machine purchase guide

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 18 16:16:36 EDT 2020 | charliedci

We have a Glenbrook Jewel Box 70T, purchased about 5 years ago, Think it was around $60K quoted price (we traded in our old Glenbrook for a discount), Software pretty basic, can store images and has some graphics and image processing capability. It h

Glenbrook 90Kv Jewel Box X-Ray Machine

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 16 11:57:27 EDT 2004 | Gary

I have a Jewel box and have found it to be a very simple system to operate. We have had several turn overs with operators and the new people master the machine in a very short period of time. You are right. This is an excellent machine.

Re: BGA Assembly

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 25 07:54:16 EDT 2000 | CAL

We were using a Glenbrook RTX then upgraded to a jewel box. We have been extremely pleased with both Glenbrook units.Glenbrook has great analytical BGA software.Glenbrook and ERSA have also teamed up to provide total inspection solution package. 973-

Glenbrook 90Kv Jewel Box X-Ray Machine

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 16 14:57:22 EDT 2004 | russ

We have this machine and I would be surprised if it really took all two hours for training. The machine is very easy to operate. I don't believe that Glenbrook provides "inspection" training if that is what you were thinking. We love it and it do

Glenbrook Technologies X-Ray: Anyone using this??

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 25 18:57:21 EDT 2004 | Pete

One word of caution, depending on the complexity of the boards and package, the Xray on Jewel Box may not be powerful enough to show the voiding defects within the solder sphere. We ran a board side by side against a high end system and find that out

Glenbrook Technologies X-Ray: Anyone using this??

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 23 12:25:13 EDT 2004 | Cal

JD- I have used a few of GlenBrook's machines.. Jewel Box 70, Jewel Box 90, and RTX-113. Currently we have the RTX -113 on our shop floor as we speak. I like the machine but wished I would have went for for the angle viewing option or even the BGA so

X Ray machines

Electronics Forum | Thu May 03 10:16:45 EDT 2001 | caldon

I like the Glenbrook x-ray systems. Simple and easy to use and they have a great support staff. We are using the Jewel Box 70 and are extremely pleased with it. They have complimentary software for analyzing the balls that is excellent. For the price

Glenbrook Technologies X-Ray: Anyone using this??

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 23 13:03:01 EDT 2004 | russ

I would ditto CAL, we have a jewel box 90 with the 5 axis and we love it. I really like being able to tilt,rotate,and move side to side front to back, Angle viewing under a BGA can be very informative as to the quality of reflow in seeing ball coll

Glenbrook 90Kv Jewel Box X-Ray Machine

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 16 11:42:26 EDT 2004 | Dreamsniper

Hi, Can those who has / have experience with the above X-Ray Machine verify how user friendly this machine is? As well as how this machine really performs. We bought 1 Brand New machine and will arrive two weeks from now here in our factory. WHAT AM

X-ray capabilities needed for Xilinix 1152-ball BGA

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 03 13:03:15 EST 2005 | -Steve-

It's come time to upgrade our Glenbrook RTX-113 x-ray with something that has a little more "balls", as it were. I've been looking at their 90KV "Jewel Box", figuring that has enough power to keep us in the game for the future. But in speaking with


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