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glue measurement

Electronics Forum | Sat Sep 01 18:14:39 EDT 2001 | Dreamsniper

your glue volume measurement is dictated by your stencil aperture size and thickness when you use stencil printing. Why you need to measure your glue volume deposition? I don't think that this is the right way yet for your undefined problem. What's t

glue dot

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 14 14:46:19 EDT 1999 | Ron Goodmuth

Can plcc's be glue on the a board if not why?

glue size

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 27 23:04:10 EST 2006 | i want to learn from u

Most of pcb have white/black printing at bottom side of them to indicate the chip location. Normally, this printing are the same location to the place that glue will be mount. My problem are the glue size between the point that have printing and not

glue measurement

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 30 21:57:26 EDT 2001 | Franky

I have problem about glue printing measurement ,anybody has process of glue printing . How do you measure? as I know "push test" is the method for testing the strength of connection of component and board but I don't have specification of testing for

glue size

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 28 09:49:18 EST 2006 | slthomas

Tough call without seeing the board, but here's my best guess. You don't say if the glue dot is greater in height or diameter in the locations where you have printing (silkscreen), but I would guess that you might get either, or both, depending on ne

glue size

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 28 11:05:48 EST 2006 | realchunks

I know our glue looks different when applied over different color solk screen. Maybe it's just an optical illusion?

glue size

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 28 22:39:49 EST 2006 | i want to learn from u

i just thought that it because of difference thickness between the silkscreen and without silkscreen. if we apply the same pressure and dispense time to this two difference location, the glue size will be difference. location with silkscreen will rea

glue strangeness

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 02 10:35:46 EDT 1999 | Gian.D

We are assembling double side pcs reflowing (smt) on top and by wave on bottom. After first step (smt) we dispense glue on the bottom side putting one or two glue dots under small components and we cure in oven before wave. After wave soldering we f

glue measurement

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 08 20:58:35 EDT 2001 | ericchua

Look like no way you can measure after glue printing. We have been running glue printing for about 2 years and using the "push test" method for testing the strength of connection of component and board. I don't see any problem. For component ( 0603 &

glue measurement

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 30 22:36:36 EDT 2001 | davef

While I don't understand why, this topic comes-up fairly often on SMTnet. [That the topic recurs indicates there truely is a problem and I'm just too doopy to understand it.] Several things: 1 Check the fine SMTnet Archives. 2 Some glue suppliers kn

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