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glue measurement

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 03 03:32:47 EDT 2001 | johnw

Franky, what method are you using for printing glue? metal stencil or plastic?, and is it on contact or off contact ? and what type of squeegee's are you using? basically give us more infomation. In term's of measuring height / volume, you can do t

Reflow glue and past.

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 08 12:36:28 EST 2000 | Charlie

I'm looking for information from both those who do cure glue and reflow past with the same profile and those who have tried and decided against it. What were the problem? What are the limitations?

change from reflow to glue

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 10 02:12:16 EDT 2012 | stano

Hi, when we change model from reflow temperature profile to temperature profile for glue, we always open oven to cool down. It is good for oven? Thank you for your answer.

The glue with the holes...

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 16 18:42:32 EDT 2001 | mparker

I go with DaveF's advice. You are probably curing the glue too fast. Another phenomenon that I have experienced was during glue cure and solder paste reflow simultaeously. A good reason to run a glue cure profile seperately from solder paste reflow

The glue with the holes...

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 16 09:17:10 EDT 2001 | davef

Look at "Microcanyons", Circuits Assembly magazine, December 1998. There D Pauls & T Munson describe adhesive on boards that was cured too rapidly and formed a skin that trapped volatiles and solvents. The volatiles and solvents created long voids i

SOT23s and paste + glue

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 22 12:06:27 EST 2008 | evtimov

Hi, it seems like a glue problem to me. If you don't have enough glue on SOT23, you have no contact and the part is holded only by the paste, which results bad in the waver machine. So first I would check is the glue amount under the SOT. The second

SOT23s and paste + glue

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 22 14:52:18 EST 2008 | wrongway

We run our process like that all the time paste then glue we use same profile as if we were just reflowing paste once in a while we have A plastic bodied part that has that problem we asume it was some mold relase still on the part basicly comtamena

Re: Reflow glue and past.

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 09 21:29:28 EST 2000 | Dave F

Charlie: People cure glue using their paste reflow profile all the time. And most of them are happy. Personally, I�m with Dean and Travis. It�s possible to as you suggest, it�s appealing not to mess with your oven profile, but it just doesn�t s

The glue with the holes...

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 18 18:37:49 EDT 2001 | davef

You�re correct. Probably every supplier�s product has slightly different cure characteristics. Let me spin this up a little differently � There was a slight imbroglio in my office this morning involving a couple of stalwarts and the last Krispy Kr

change from reflow to glue

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 12 10:23:30 EDT 2012 | blnorman

Check with your adhesive manufacturer. In a previous life we had one line that was either double sided reflow or wave following reflow. When it was ds reflow, we just shut off the wave. When it was reflow/wave, we kept the reflow oven on with the

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