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Micro BGA pads, adhesion to laminate

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 09 15:56:14 EDT 2003 | Matt Kehoe

Hi Dave, Hmmm, pix F2? Do you meran figure 2 or second picture? The second picture is the bare board before printing. Gold plated pads. Is that what you mean? mk

Micro BGA pads, adhesion to laminate

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 10 09:55:47 EDT 2003 | davef

A reading of the pictures is: A1: Looks like pad [B1] is smaller than the other pads. It�s weird that the pads are such different colors. A2: Looks like pad [B1] is smaller than the other pads. Solder mask opening [B1] is misregistered and seems s

Micro BGA pads, adhesion to laminate

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 09 16:01:10 EDT 2003 | russ

Mike, the one pad that is "small" definitely appears to be over etching (It looks like it was supposed to be much larger). What is the dims of this little bugger as compared to the Gerber? i would also tend to believe that there probably is some mask

solder on gold finger

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 13 22:38:19 EDT 2001 | edylc

Hi , Could you be seeing the nickel under the gold plating because you are removing some of the Gold with the Kapton Tape....?? You mean , the adhesive properties of the kapton tape will cause the gold plating on the gold finger to be somehow peel of

Re: gold fingers over wave

Electronics Forum | Sun Jan 23 03:23:09 EST 2000 | Rob Steltman

Hi We use a U-channel piece of high temperature silicon which is just pushed over the gold tabs before the soldering process. The silicon can be used over and over again. The advantages are that there is no mask on the board during the SMT process a

About the PCB gold finger contamination.

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 19 02:45:33 EDT 2002 | bugsjoe

Thank you ur reply Dave. Let me explain our COB workflow: 1. unpack PCB (FR4,LPI,HASL)(the thickness of gold and nickel we can't be find)(No SMT before) 2. clean the pcb by rubber 3. blow the pcb by di-ionic gun 4. attach die by adhesive gel 5. cure

aluminium wire bonding on Electroless Nickel + Immersion gold

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 27 15:06:29 EDT 2001 | davef

This otta push Wolfgang over the top ... Recommended reading G.G. Harman, Wire Bonding in Microelectronics : Materials, Processes, Reliability, and Yield, 2nd edition, McGraw-Hill Electronic Packaging and Interconnection Series, 1997. G.G. Harman, R

Black Pad

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 10 12:53:16 EST 2006 | muse95

There is a tape test from IPC in their TM-650 spec that can be downloaded for free from the ipc website. It will test for gold adhesion to the underlying nickel. Section 2.4.1E, I believe. It is quite simple to perform.

ENIG vs Flash Gold

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 24 18:07:25 EST 2006 | Chris

Flash gold is just thin gold plating over electroless nickel or electrolytic nickel. Flash gold is electrolytic gold where the panel is connected to a plating rectifier and current causes the plating process to occur. Gold thickness is controlled b

pcb solderig

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 01 11:05:36 EDT 2009 | saisungold

We gold plated PCB and while soldering, the adhesion of soldering is not uniform at the tips(soldering ends). Please help us to solve the problem.

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