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gold connectors

Electronics Forum | Thu May 30 08:51:45 EDT 2002 | davef

I assume the connector is like one used in PC104 that allows mating of boards together by inserting the pins extending from the connector on one board into the female portion of the connector on a second board. Who ever accepted this job is dopey.

solder on gold finger

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 13 22:38:19 EDT 2001 | edylc

Hi , Could you be seeing the nickel under the gold plating because you are removing some of the Gold with the Kapton Tape....?? You mean , the adhesive properties of the kapton tape will cause the gold plating on the gold finger to be somehow peel of

solder on gold finger

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 13 13:45:25 EDT 2001 | gsmguru

Just a guess-- Could you be seeing the nickel under the gold plating because you are removing some of the Gold with the Kapton Tape ? This should be easy to verify. Otherwise it sounds like things are pretty much covered.

SMT gold plated components

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 06 20:50:42 EDT 2003 | davef

Well, if it "keeps coming up", let's take a pass at keeping down. For: * Requirement that gold be removed from components, pads, etc. is J-STD-001C, 5.4.1 * Context of that requirement [J-STD-001C, 5.4.1] and 6 or 7 references are in IPC-HDBK-001.

solder on gold finger

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 17 21:30:27 EDT 2001 | davef

The issue is on the table. Which is it? Are you ... * Loosing your gold plate when you remove the tape? [A tape test is a standard test for evaluating gold fingers. Check IPC-TM-650, test number wachacallit. Checkitaut.] OR * Putting tape o

solder on gold fingers

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 22 16:16:17 EST 2010 | stepheniii

My old boss bought some stuff to clean the lead off of gold fingers. At least that is what he thought it did. What it really did was remove the gold fingers. And quite well I might add. The short answer to your question is no. And if you replate mak

Soldering to hard gold

Electronics Forum | Mon May 06 12:20:09 EDT 2013 | davef

Gold in solder alloys can be brittle. We always used to talk about keeping gold LT 3% in order to avoid embrittlement. Some military contracts require removal of gold from soldered contacts. Adding gold to a solder alloy that you're familiar with wi

Black pad on BGA after removal

Electronics Forum | Thu May 05 09:46:04 EDT 2005 | davef

Board fab, Defects, Pad coatings, Gold black plague articles 1 Nick Biunno's article: http://www.nukcg.org/downloadfiles/Hadco%20on%20Immersion%20Gold%20failures.pdf 2 George Milad's article: http://www.circuitree.com/ct/cda/articleinformation/featu

Soldering to hard gold

Electronics Forum | Fri May 03 16:06:44 EDT 2013 | hegemon

To be short, no change in profile is going to get you through this. As I recall the point of hard gold is to retard the wetting process, so no surprise here. For example a connector might have hard gold plating at the mating surface, but not at t

Gold to gold soldering

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 13 08:17:06 EDT 2006 | davef

The solder alloy does not change based on the flux. Your potential for embrittlement is the same [providing the metal of the solders are the same] with either solder. We would guess the OA flux is [and drag tinning are] removing corrosion from the

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