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Automate goldfinger masking?

Electronics Forum | Sat Dec 30 09:54:34 EST 2006 | gregcr

HI All We have some products that we apply kapton tape to the goldfingers prior to the SMT process. This is currently done manually. It is labor intensive and I am looking for an automated method to apply tape to the gold fingers. If anyone has a

Automate goldfinger masking?

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 04 12:10:50 EST 2007 | SMT Friend

When you do a google search, put quotes around your terms to only come up with pages that have exactly the terms you are looking for. For instance, my Google search came up with: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=%22goldfinger+masking%22 which

Automate goldfinger masking?

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 02 08:32:20 EST 2007 | realchunks

Unless you go custom, the only automation I've seen for tape is the automatic dispensers. They work very well and do reduce time needed to perform this process. Could help until you revamp your process like Davef has posted.

Automate goldfinger masking?

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 02 18:44:33 EST 2007 | gregcr

I've spent quite some time on the google search, I keep hearing rumors but have not yet found anything. Thanks for the feedback. greg

Automate goldfinger masking?

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 03 14:10:11 EST 2007 | russ

Well Gary I just did a long search as well and I can find nothing either. Maybe I ate too much rosin in those days? Good luck Russ

Automate goldfinger masking?

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 02 18:36:59 EST 2007 | russ

I remember way back when we had a finger taping machine. I cannot remember who, what, or where, but I would bet that they are still available. Basically just ran board thru machine and both sides or one side would be taped. It was not conveyorized

Automate goldfinger masking?

Electronics Forum | Sun Dec 31 07:31:40 EST 2006 | davef

Thoughts are: * Eliminate solder spotting on gold fingers through process improvement in broard handling, printing paste control, and reflow recipe development. Search the fine SMTnet Archives for previous discussions. * Dispense or print a reflow te

Goldfinger protection

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 23 15:22:40 EST 2003 | pquinney

Does anyone know of a good, cost effective protection for goldfingers during wavesolder process, besides KAPTON?

Solder at gold finger

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 01 20:21:34 EST 2001 | huat

Hi, Currently, we use kapton tape to tape out the goldfinger at our area. We still experience solder at goldfinger area, suspected is from washing of misprint boards. Can someone advice me on what is the method being use to clean the goldfi

Boards with damaged goldfingers

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 27 11:33:45 EST 2001 | sim_ad

I have some boards here that were damaged by solder on the goldfingers. Is there a place I can contact to repaire them? Please advise. Simon

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