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Mydata (MY12) error-Frame Grab and Light Curtain

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 22 16:39:10 EDT 2009 | rmitchell

Hi, We are getting a E-Hydra-1 Frame grabbing failed on caps and resistors and also a Light Curtain trigger X wagon. I spoke with mydata and they indicated the light curtain might be getting set off and causing the frame grabbing failure. I cleane

Fifo of Solder Paste

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 29 11:21:23 EDT 2008 | mmjm_1099

Write the date on the tubes and grab oldest to newest.

Mydata (MY12) error-Frame Grab and Light Curtain

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 29 13:59:08 EDT 2009 | cyber_wolf

The Hydra camera is a linescan camera on our machine.

Pin headers

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 28 15:12:45 EDT 2021 | ttheis

Down-size or stagger the pin holes to "grab" the pins and hold them in place.

Mydata (MY12) error-Frame Grab and Light Curtain

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 25 13:09:42 EDT 2009 | rmitchell

Thanks to those that responded. I eliminated the light curtain problem. The metal plate the light curtain pcb bolts to was bent. I had it aligned in our machine shop and it worked properly. I forgot to mention the error was pooping up with no fee

MPM Accuflex "USC park failed" error during initialization

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 01 19:02:48 EST 2022 | proceng1

USC PArk is your underside stencil cleaner. The camera pushes it back and a magnet grabs it and holds it back. Ours did this many years ago. I pulled the rear cover and initialized the machine, when the camera pushes the stencil back, grab it and

Poor Paste Release

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 09 08:25:30 EST 2006 | grantp

Hi, If the stencil was not cleaned well from the previous run, dried paste residue can cause the paste to grab in the stencil. If you have a microscope, check the small apertures for contamination. Regards, Grant

CP4 Placement/Pickup Height

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 05 12:57:35 EST 2007 | cyber_wolf

Take the nozzles out and let the indicator tip touch the metal face the nozzle pushes up into. This will tell you whether the variation is in the shaft or the nozzles. Also while your indicator is touching the holder, manually grab the shaft assy a

Zevatech 560

Electronics Forum | Sun Jun 17 02:19:47 EDT 2007 | Frank

You can grab a measuring tape and get the size yourself. Those machines are pretty small, I can't see them weighing more that a few hundred pounds. Contact Juki (the real makers of those machines) and I am sure they could dig up the actual weight.

DEK print problem?

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 25 14:27:16 EDT 2008 | smtnet51

Make sure whatever you are using for a fid. is apart from any other pads or apertures. It'll grab a pad/aperture above or below (in auto mode) and screw up your print. We saw this alot when using pads for fids on DEKs.

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