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grease for pick & place machine heads

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 03 07:08:30 EDT 2020 | compit

Asssembleon recommends Molykote 6169 (Yamaha #6169) grease for pneumatic components of heads, but it is no longer available. What do you use instead?

NSK NSL grease substitute for Yamaha YG100

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 23 15:20:57 EDT 2023 | ehess

Looking for a more affordable option than NSK GRS NSL grease for Yamaha YG100 machines

grease for pick & place machine heads

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 06 04:42:37 EDT 2020 | richardcargill

Shell Alvania 2 ( or current equivalent )

Cleaner device for PCB

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 29 14:24:56 EST 2004 | rick

What kind of cleaning method you recommend for PCB - double side SMD (fine pitch and BGA components) and THT elements (PCB are for microwave application!!). Process technology no-clean.We have to remove grease-fingerprints, dust etc. It is low volume

Operation Cost for SMT prototype line

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 18 08:50:15 EST 2014 | cbeneat

All of your maintenance costs, grease, filters etc. on a scheduled basis.

AXIS Password for KME CM82C-MD

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 16 21:22:39 EDT 2004 | Darby

Cesar, I am not familiar with these machines but I have found that servo controller problems do not usually cause mis-placement. They tend to just stop the machine with *axis system erors. As I understand it, after you have done a return to origin,

What is the QFN or Device Voiding Levels Needed for Automotive Industry for Power Devices for Electric Vehicles?

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 15 08:18:29 EDT 2017 | rob

It's well documented in higher power semiconductors where thermal interface materials are used, such as SIL pads, thermal grease etc. There are a couple of papers on the effects of voiding on MOSFET performance, but I haven't got around to reading

Replacement valves for Emerald x / YV88X

Electronics Forum | Wed May 19 20:39:28 EDT 2021 | kumarb

Elissa - SMTWenzhan ? She is great !! Have purchased many oddball and common parts from her including belts, filters, grease, etc. BTW - We placed 01005 using a nozzle she sold us with our Emerald-X. Unbelievable !! Granted the pick was hit or miss

Optimal Speed for Universal Chip Shooters

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 11 16:30:33 EDT 2003 | T.Vick

You have received some great feedback so far. I would like to summarize and add a few points regarding maintenance. You should start (as recommended already) by verifying your component library data. Using the default values from the master library i


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