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green contamination

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 03 07:14:18 EST 2006 | Slaine

verdegree is the term used relaited to copper roofs turning green if its any help???

green contamination

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 26 19:18:49 EST 2005 | arnold

I would to ask on what do you call on the color green contamination found on the soldered units. Whe i soldered some units after few days there was a color green on the wires. what do you call on this contamination?

green contamination

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 06 09:22:23 EST 2006 | sarar

Here's an article our lab has published about green contamination - http://www.residues.com/pdfs/foresite_green.pdf If you are concerned with finding out just what is there and what the cause is, I would agree with davef that it would be helpful for

green contamination

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 26 23:21:11 EST 2005 | arnold

i want to know the terminology called on that corrosion.

green contamination

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 03 08:24:22 EST 2006 | davef

Look here: http://webexhibits.org/pigments/indiv/overview/verdigris.html

green contamination

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 26 20:36:20 EST 2005 | davef

Look here to get started: http://www.smtnet.com/forums/Index.cfm?CFApp=1&Message_ID=38261

green contamination

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 27 07:22:44 EST 2005 | davef

It could be lots of things. You're not helping to narrow those alternatives. So, consider taking a sample to: * An analytical laboratory. * Teachers in the chemistry department at a local university. Kester recommends the following independent la

PCB green mask darker

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 14 23:10:22 EDT 2009 | linseeg

The PCB green mask will become darker after few times IR reflow? What is the reason? Any acceptance spec refer to green mask requirement? Any method to measure the color level for PCB green mask? By naked eye or machine?

green stick test

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 28 17:09:28 EDT 2005 | jsloot

Does anyone have any articles about performing the green stick test for IC leads? If there are no printed articles then perhaps I can get a good description from you on the proper usage of one. I would like to know from your experiences any pros and

green stick test

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 29 11:21:35 EDT 2005 | jsloot

I have heard the term as both green stick and orange stick, but yes, pushing on the leads to detect un soldered leads. The amount of force is subjective. Any thoughts on this is appreciated.

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