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lead free joint finish

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 30 06:28:42 EST 2009 | gregoryyork

Hi Armando Hotflow 7 is a big machine and one of the best Reflow ovens around (in my opinion), well suited for Lead Free. A typical 1.6mm board has the following settings for Lead Free SAC305 paste All Temperature settings are Top and Bottom Prehea

Tin wash

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 10 05:58:59 EST 2009 | gregoryyork

Best to use Tin treated with TinP Additive. This ensures the Tin is fluid enough to Dissolve any Leaded residues. Run the machine for one hour at 275C then take out wave former and as much of the workings of the pot as possible. Then start bailing ou

SN100C vs. SAC 305 wave soldering

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 18 17:07:32 EST 2006 | gregoryyork

Sorry Bob Could not respond been away busy. Just to correct you, we did not copy the SACX as we brought ours to market at least six months before so how could we copy, it is also a little different, but nicely reassuring when the 'big boys' do some

Lead free tin copper only

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 07 13:39:42 EST 2006 | gregoryyork

You can use straight forward Tin/Copper but it flows very poorly so solderability is an issue. Dosing with Phos improves this but need to stay on top of it. We have supplied some 3.8%Ag alloys for flow they work well but you get a small 'chill point'

Leaded and Lead-Free Wave Parameters

Electronics Forum | Fri May 23 18:55:20 EDT 2008 | gregoryyork

This is one of the biggest mistakes with the Lead Free process. We have all listened to the 'industry experts' and followed their advice and unfortunately got it wrong. Keep the dwell times (dependant on alloy selection) the same as Leaded so you are

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