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pb free component leads

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 16 14:59:28 EST 2005 | greg

Thank you for respond. Could you describe me how to make solderability tests please? Greg

reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 11 08:55:49 EDT 2005 | greg

One more question. Is it realy worth to have reflow oven with nitrogen for lead free?. What are yours experiences? Greg


Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 01 16:08:55 EST 1999 | greg

is there an adapter or cable to run from SMP1 to SMEMA connection. What do each mean and are they in someway interchangable? I have a conveyor w/ SMP1 that is to be connected to a machine w/ SMEMA.... any thoughts? thank you greg


Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 10 13:54:49 EST 2004 | greg

Hallo I am going to prepare our SMT and THT production to meet ESD protection. Could you please point some information theoretical and practical about ESD. Any web site, documentations which is important (standards-IPC), really worth books will

pb free component leads

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 17 04:09:19 EST 2005 | greg

The solder adheres to the lands very well so i don't think that problem is with solderability of the PCB. Not wetting to the 0805 terminations. When the problem appeared with the 0805 we chenged the supplier. But there was commnon element Pb-free te

QFN Packages

Electronics Forum | Sun Feb 27 15:37:24 EST 2005 | greg

see link http://www.macom.com/FileMapServlet/redirect.red?o=S2083&t=0 greg

ITF2 44mm

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 07 10:49:59 EDT 2005 | greg

Hallo I am looking for to buy refurbished ITF2 44 mm for TopazXi feeders. I am in UK. Please give me some information where i can find it. Regards Greg

electric capacitor

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 15 05:00:40 EDT 2005 | greg

Hallo Yes we are using deep pocket feeder for capasitors. We cut the nozzle because there was problem with hitting the component on the nozzle with just placed. Greg

Essemtec FLX versus other p&p manuf.

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 06 13:54:44 EST 2004 | greg

hi all does anyone of you have experience with new p&p Essemtec FLX1020/1030? what are the advantages and disadvantages in practice? how you evaluate Essemtec machines in production? if you can choose between Essemtec and other p&p machine for high

reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Sun Apr 10 14:08:29 EDT 2005 | greg

Hi there I have a question about reflow oven for Pb-free technology. I've noticed that some of the manufactures offer reflow ovens with short (26-30 lenght in cm) heat zones others offer longer more then 30 cm. So there are ovens with total heat len

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